Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

I purchased one about a year ago. Within three months, the doorbell started draining the battery and I had to change every other week. I now change every week. It is placed by back door where it only activates when I go out to water plants during the summer. Not worth buying used ring. Get a new one

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Can this hardwire into the house or is it battery only?

I have noticed the same thing, but we bought new. You can adjust the sensitivity so it doesn’t go off as oftener record as much.

It can also be hardwired in which, is a way better option;-)

Yes, it can be hardwired. My old doorbell and transformer were compatible. The one I got from Woot in October '19 has been working fine (hardwired) and Ring updated their algorithms so motion alerts are quite reliable.

Battery only

From the product description, it can be hardwired.

Includes rechargeable battery pack, or can connect to standard AC doorbell system for continuous charging

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You can run this one on the battery or hardwire.

Link to manual:

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Thanks! I noticed it said both but wanted to be absolutely positive.

I own one and have installed a few of them, the Ring App can be checked to ensure the Transformer is working properly, battery should be charged fully before installation though.

16v 30va Hardwired Door Chime Transformer is working perfectly for me

The internal battery can connect to any 5 volt power transformer to stay charged.

I’m tempted to buy - but what’s the latest status on Ring and privacy issues? Haven’t kept on top of the issue.

Also, how developer friendly is the camera? Dumping to S3, streaming the feed, applying IoT engines, etc.

My current doorbells are powered with low-voltage wire. Is that what charges this as well, or would I need to run a full power wire?

Mine is on a low wattage line and I’ve never had problems. Always over 90% when I check.

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Is it possible to select a color?

It comes with both faceplates:

  • Satin Nickel Faceplate
  • Venetian Faceplate

Mine is hardwired to my old doorbell wiring. Just make sure that you wire it correctly for power, not to ring your old bell. Also when bought new I got 1 year free monitoring and ability to share videos with neighbors to alert them of issues. After the year, you need to get a subscription to continue this.

Does anyone know what the return policy is for this? Thanks!

Here’s our return policy: