Ring Video Doorbell 2

Just to mention it: When replacing a doorbell button, these are meant to be powered with the chime still in the circuit.

They are NOT meant to be powered directly from a doorbell transformer alone. Ring sells a resistor that can be used to power these from a transformer without a chime.

The other option is to supply it from a USB power supply, if you can route the low-voltage wire in the wall from a receptacle.

Yes, you can absolutely wire it to your existing doorbell. AND you can keep it so that it ALSO rings your existing doorbell when someone presses the button. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want that. You may not always have the phone with you so you want to hear the doorbell if you don’t.

If you’re using it battery only sure. Otherwise if it is wired, there is no issue with battery drain.

There is no issues with privacy. It all comes down to either ring being hacked or your password being too weak. All that fearmongering about people being watched is because dumb people keep their password as the default password or “123456”. Oh wait, that’s my password. Erase that from your mind!

Here’s the scoop: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/205180710-How-to-Connect-Your-Ring-Video-Doorbell-Directly-to-a-Low-Voltage-Transformer-Without-a-Pre-existing-Doorbell-

We ordered our 1st ring video doorbell in Nov 2017.
It died.
In Feb 2020 we ordered our ring video doorbell 2.
It worked great for a month or so then right when COVID-19 hit the battery kept dying . It eventually did not even last a day. I tried to contact Ring support either via email or the app without success.
Then about a month later I called Ring support. They were awesome! They charged $1 refundable on my credit card, mailed us a brand new video doorbell 2, then I assume refunded the $1 when we mailed back the old doorbell.
The sound does not work well.
The video is great if the area is well lit.
It’s great that it can be linked to our spotlight cams and stickup cams.

Sounds like maybe you need a new battery. Unless it is the doorbell itself draining your battery ? You may be able to find the battery even cheaper but just a quick search I found this one…$29.99…https://www.amazon.com/Ring-8AB1S7-0EU0-Rechargeable-Battery-Pack/dp/B076JKHDQT
I know when you buy used or refurb you stand a chance on getting a battery that is towards the end of it’s life and that sucks but I buy a lot of refurbished from Woot and that problem has been the exception not the rule. I see where twice on here you told people that this was battery only which according to everything I read is not true. Maybe it was/is on the one you bought but it is worth double checking yours again to see if you can hard wire it…that is if you have door bell wiring already run to your back door or if you can easily run wires if there are none. Hope you are able to get your Ring working where you are not having to charge it weekly.