Ring Video Doorbell 2

I’ve had better luck with mine. I read where one can expect 3 months between battery charges normally, but with a charger people were stating they got up to 6 months. I hit about midway in that range. I do get solid afternoon/evening sun, though.

It is obvious you have not seen the battery in a ring doorbell, these are proprietary battery packs with built in circuitry, not just battery holders with a couple of batteries and some contacts. They look like they have CR123 size batteries in them.

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So here’s what you do - take every instance where I said “AA or AAA” and replace with your “Proprietary bullshit blah blah blah” then take that battery to Batteries Plus and get a replacement with a higher MaH rating

Fire hazard is caused by people using the wrong screws in the wrong places. Basically causing an electrical short. Should be pretty obvious that the screw is too long and might be ruining the internals.

Yeah because these look just like AA or AAA batteries, they aren’t ultrasonically welded shut and the average person can just walk into a store and walk out with a battery they can just pop into their ring. Just because you know how to do it doesn’t mean that the average person can do it. I know I could do it but I also know it isn’t worth the trouble.

Oh and here is a search of batteries plus for a ring battery https://www.batteriesplus.com/search?q=ring+battery

I probably would have just blown it off if you didn’t use profanity in a convoluted effort to call me stupid when I might actually know what I’m talking about. I was turning wrenches before you were probably born, served as a mechanic on nuclear submarine likely when you were in diapers, and I work in Engineering. I have learned that you should never ever underestimate the ability of people to screw up a simple task like changing a battery if you give them more than one choice, asking them to rebuild a whole system is begging for trouble.