Ring Video Doorbell 2021 Model Wired

Ring Video Doorbell 2021 Model Wired


is that not 100% factual and product related?? why is that flagged? wow. Anyhow, there are some wireless doorbell cameras that save recordings to a homebase. Prices vary depending on camera quality.


The quick start paper that came with the ring device has a QR code but NO PIN CODE so I have no way of setting up the device. I checked the back and side of the ring device itself and there’s NO QR label or PIN code. I’m stuck, what do I do?

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Hi there. Found this on the ring site:

(Note: If you don’t see the QR code, please remove your video doorbell’s faceplate).

Yep, I removed the faceplate and there is NO QR code and NO Pin code. I checked the back and side of the device and I even removed the screws to remove the backplate and there was no QR code inside the device as well. See the image I provided showing where the QR code should have been.

Well darn, I’m sorry.

Reach out to Woot! Customer Service. To speed things up, let them know if you prefer a return/refund or a replacement (if possible).

Please allow 24-48h for them to respond.

Browser: Use the Woot! Customer Service form.

Woot! App: Choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Self-Return: Items without Li-Ion batteries can be self-returned within 30 days. Go to your Order Details to get started. The return label will be emailed from UPS.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

I spoke to Ring customer support about the issue of the missing Pin code. They had me upload a picture of my device and when they checked the DSN and Mac Address it was still attached to the previous customer so they could not do anything to help. They stated the only thing that could be done is to return the device to Amazon. I’m very unhappy with the time wasted trying to get this working :frowning: I’m posting this to help anyone else who runs into this problem.

I’ll be putting this in for a replacement, hopefully the next one does not have this issue.


I also wanted to say thanks for trying to help.


I’m very sorry. Amazon should have caught that during the refurbishing.


Thanks for the input from everybody. I almost bought 3 and then read these comments. Amazon seems to have forgotten about quality control with this.

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This just happened to me! Wtf. What a big waste of time!

I’ve bought refurbished pro models for two different houses. I like them a lot. Why is this one so cheap in comparison?

Edit, I see the comparison… For me, dual band wifi, interchangeable faces, and works with existing mechanical chime are important.

I received a BOC last year with some “refurbished” blink and ring cameras. Score right?? Not so much!
The cameras were still registered to the previous owners, and since they came in a BOC there was absolutely nothing I could do. Making this the most valuable Bag of actual Crap I have ever seen!!

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I’m sorry about that. I hope you reached out to Woot Customer Service.

I did. There was nothing they could do.

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Yeah, Amazon can’t release them for whatever reason that I don’t understand. “It’s technical.” again, sorry.

You ever try reaching out to Ring again? After looking around Reddit , it seems to happen to a lot of people. If Ring sees that it’s been inactive for so long you might have a better chance. Someone also said it should automatically unlink after a certain amount of time, no idea if thats true though. I just bought one of these and it should be getting delivered today, so hopefully it’s not connected to the previous owner still.

I’ll have to check into that! Thanks!

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In for 3 and hoping at least 2 can be activated to my Ring account. If not, they’ll be heading back to Woot!

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I found this on Youtube…How to factory reset a ring doorbell!!
I had to reset an echo show and found how on a similar site. Goos luck

How To Reset Ring Doorbell (Ring Wired, Ring Pro, Ring 2, Ring 3 and Ring Pro 2) - YouTube