Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Ring requires a monthly subscription on order to record ANYTHING. There’s better choices out there from Arlo that record for 7 days without a fee.

In fairness, new Arlo models no longer offer free cloud recording beyond whatever trial subscription you get with your purchase, only their legacy cameras do. I pay $100 a year for the Protect Plan for my four Ring cameras and Ring doorbell, comes out to about $8.33 a month that covers cloud recording for all five devices.

My main complaint about the Ring 3 is that, compared to other video doorbells, it’s big and ugly.

I’ve been shopping doorbells, security, monitoring, etc and aside from being chunky & ugly (my life story :laughing:) do u like the services from Ring?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes I like their services, I’ve been using RIng for about 5 years now. I’ve got a camera (current gen Stick-Up cameras) on each side of my house and also a Ring 3 doorbell. For $100 a year, it’s great bang for your buck. I unfortunately have a hodge-podge of a security system (Simplisafe), cameras (Ring), and smart home automation (Google), so I can’t speak for how the Amazon/Ring ecosystem integrates, but just within the Ring system, I have no complaints.

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A few days past 60 and it crapped out. Brand new fully charged Ring branded batteries and NADA. Blue ring light barely flickers as the battery is inserted, then nothing.
Really disappointed in this particular crap! Generally have good luck with refurbs, but this one SUCKS.
Was just hoping to get a year or so out of it. SMH
Not sure if I have any recourse with a refurb - can’t find any info so far…UGH.
I see it had a 90 Limited Woot Warranty - woohoo! Fingers crossed I can get a refund at least!