Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring Video Doorbell 3

I bought one of these last year as a Black Friday Alexa deal for $5 less and am happy with it.

It’s good for letting me know when mail and packages have been delivered,. I also don’t have to put on pants and run to the door when it rings.

I was able to adjust the alert area so the motions sensor doesn’t trigger for street traffic and my neighbor’s driveway but still get my driveway and half the front yard.

I bought a second battery so I can just swap in a charger one. It can take hours to charge a battery, and it lasts a couple of months.

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Keep in mind that these require a monthly subscription on order to record ANYTHING. There’s better choices out there from Arlo that record for 7 days without a fee.

Arlo’s latest video doorbell is awful! No need for storage since the thing drops wifi connection daily.
Ring subscription is $30 per year, which provides access to 60 days of recordings. I choose reliability.

Okay, so you buy the Ring doorbell to prevent package thieves. But this makes me think of a joke I heard from a comedian (I think it was Chris Rock). What happens when you put camera’s in the ghetto? They steal them.

What keeps the thief from stealing the camera?

  1. The installation mount is pretty solid and the cover is secured using a special screw (so, don’t lose the little screwdriver that comes with the doorbell).

  2. The Ring warranty covers replacement for theft, subject to certain provisions. Unfortunately, one of these is that purchases from “third-party sellers […] and other online marketplaces [Woot?]” are not covered.

Warranty? I don’t see any mention of any warranty on these used models.

Hi there. We list the warranty at the bottom of the features. This is

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty