Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Absolutely the worst item I purchased in 2017. Buggy, spotty reception, delayed notifications…
So bad it is sitting in the box somewhere in my house. Probably should toss it. It was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

Yeah but at least screen doors keep the fish out …

Reception might be related to internet speed

My question is can I record video?

Ring sells an extender, which likely is needed. Their 802.11n wireless does not help coverage. Once coverage is there, it is stable and surprisingly reliable.

You can live-view video, records motion. For 24x7 recording, look at nest doorbell.



I have the regular Ring doorbell and love it. Set up easily, never glitchy. I really wish I would have got the Pro just for the better resolution. Now that Amazon has come with their own security system using Ring doorbell for $200 and optional $10/mo 24/7 monitoring it’s time to give ADT the boot.

This is a great product. But you need to have enough power for it.

I am looking for a new security company. This offer from Amazon intrigues me. I’ve searched Amazon but am not finding the Ring doorbell with Amazon 24/7 monitoring. Could you please post a link that will show this whole set up (Ring doorbell with monitoring)? Thanks in advance!

Sell me yours for 50.

In the posting it says existing hard wire is required but I thought this product come with battery In case of hard wire is not available

Bought this for our new house. Installation was medium difficulty and I’m not a super handy person.

In terms of usage, it works wonders. You can record video when motion is detected; however, it’s a $30/annual (don’t know if this has changed), so for <$3/month, it’s well worth it.

I’ve never had connection issues, so depending on the distant from the doorbell to your router may be an issue, but a network repeater will solve this with no issues.

In terms of power/voltage needed, on first installation, I kept getting a notice about it getting low voltage, but after a day or two, it was sufficient, and everything is green.

If you’re cautious like myself, get one. It’ll save you the hassle and worry of your own home.

The regular Ring Video Doorbell model has an internal battery. This is the slimmer Video Doorbell Pro, which is hardwired.

To install the Pro, you have to hook it to your existing doorbell wiring, and you also have to install an included power conditioning module inside your doorbell chime. It’s not very hard, and shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes for the whole setup.

Ring doorbells have notoriously bad antennas, so their reception suffers because of it. Installing a cheap wifi repeater within 20 feet or so of the Ring is usually enough to resolve the issue.

Note: unlike the ring doorbell classic, this does not have a battery. This also requires per Ring’s latest specification that the transformer delivering power able to deliver recommended and set to 16V 30VA. Most people with pre existing doorbells have probably 8V 10VA and/or 16V 10V available,like I did. A year ago they only said 16V was required. After contacting customer tech support a couple weeks ago when I noticed that my ring was working fine regarding everything except not ringing my existing mechanical chime anymore, they informed me that now it requires the additional wattage that a 16V 30VA transformer would provide. Frustrating. Now I have to acquire and replace my transformer. I suspect it was a recent firmware update they did, but not informing of the new requirements, probably related to their color night recording update. Also you can’t record or view recordings or live video from this device outside of ring brand applications and services.

A friend of mine bought this and he lives in a huge house. As a result, he has always had some WiFi issues. He installed a mesh WiFi system (with a module close-ish to the doorbell), and not only did his WiFi issues disappear, the performance to the Doorbell improved. So I’m pretty sure, a repeater or a mesh system will help with performance issues. Me? I’m waiting for the Simplisafe Doorbell which should appear in the next month or so.

Just my $.02. I recently purchased the Nest Hello over this (both hard wired).

The Nest offers 24/7 recording while the Ring only records when it detects movement or someone presses the doorbell (also possibly when you manually launch the video).

I have a neighbor that has a daughter in a wheelchair. At night the Ring doorbell will often not see her come in so the Rind will does not record.

Because of the always recording the Nest uses a lot more of your Internet bandwidth. You can adjust the quality if needed, but the Ring might be the better option if your Internet is limited.

Just to note the Nest is $50 for 5 days of recording while the Ring is $30 for 60 days (both when paid annually).

That’s the Ring 2

Other Ring doorbells have this capability, however the PRO was specifically designed to not have a battery as many customers asked for a smaller unit.