Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Someone added some links below, but just Google ring doorbell pro battery problems. A bunch comes up, including many Reddit threads, including some attempts at replacing the battery with a supercapacity.

Here’s a link to a Google search with the Reddit threads:


We had the incorrect warranty link in the sale. These are warrantied by Ring for 1 year. The link is now updated.

Lifetime Theft Protection
Yes, these have the lifetime theft protection from Ring.

Trial Subscription
We’re still looking into this but we’re leaning towards no at this time.

Although it didn’t work and I had to return it to woot (Ring wouldn’t warranty it), the Ring 2 I got from woot recently had an expired trial, but the live chat agent reissued a 30 day trial that I was able to use. That was a certified used, which could have a different warranty than Refurbished.

Does this still come with the different face plates?

Yes, all of the interchangeable faceplates are included.

What is $70? Did they have a one-day sale and then go up? I see $129.99…

I’ve been using the first edition of Ring doorbell for around 3- 4 yrs without any problems. It was a Christmas present from our daughter-in-law and she even installed it for us, hard wired. Didn’t take her but a few minutes for the installation she then contacted support for instructions for cloud and a subscription. I just sent for this upgraded ing 1080p camera. At this price I feel I can’t pass on it. Also, the year after getting the doorbell she gifted us with The Ring floodlight that has two LED lights and provides excellent color video even at night in total darkness. That one is my favorite of the two products.
BTW - We didn’t have to get a new transformer. Still using the original transformer that came with this house when we purchased it back in 1979.

I have ordered the Ring Video Dorbell Pro because my other camera works just fine and seems happy, but I can not see any of its images. The button is blue and when I push the button the doorbell rings, but other than that - zippo. But I want it to work with Alexa and my only Alexa with a screen is my Fire HD 10 (7th Generation) and I do hope it will work. Other than that I will buy a new Echo Show 5.

I ordered a First Gen refurb direct from amazon. It came with the 30 day free cloud saving. I installed it and on about the 4th or 5th day I adjusted the motion setting and over night the battery went from 38% to 16% and everything stopped working. I removed it to charge it it took well over 12 hours to charge and I re-installed it. Now the only alerts I get is when there is no one at the door. I never see anyone that lives in the house come in or go out . I can stand in front of it and no activation. I am returning it and getting a new one not refurb.

Sounds like this is a version 1 without the heat sink? And no wedges?

Ring Pro was $199 for Father’s day so this Woot was $70 cheaper…now even more.

Hmmmmm…my pro was easy to install. Old house and doorbell was fine. Please supply link which shows battery in pro model.

I get it you like Nest, which is an excellent product. I believe the Ring Pro to also be an excellent product, and this is one heck of a buy. I would encourage people to buy it.

Recieved mine from Woot. Everything looks new, comes with faceplates, tools, inline battery, 30 day cloud trial etc. Very happy with the purchase.

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Mine lasted about 3 hours. Ring was really helpful and said that based on the error messages they saw in my account, the unit I received would never function properly. They are sending me a replacement, since Woot sold out of them. They further said that I should tell Woot that their supplier is selling them units that are NOT recertified to Ring’s standards.