Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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Wouldn’t you know I just bought a brand new one yesterday on the Mothership at full retail – which has already shipped – though the one I bought does come with a free Echo Show 5.

Still… had I seen this first, and especially since it comes with the same one year manufacturer warranty, I could have come out about 30 bucks ahead buying this here and the Echo Show 5 at Ammy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Does this one have the removeable batteries? Thanks

I have one of these and it does not have a battery. Runs off of electrical current. I believe the Ring Doorbell 2 is the model with the rechargeable battery.

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What makes the pro better than the 2? Resolution?
No battery backup seems like a drawback-

If the power is out to your doorbell, it’s probably out to the router. Even with a battery back up, I don’t think it would work if it can’t connect to the internet.

Does this come with the device required for the inside doorbell to work ?

It’s not just that it’s a battery backup, it’s a removable battery that allows you to use it in a situation where you don’t have a hardwired door bell. Other than maybe better night vision and a smaller size probably because of the battery, I can’t see anything that differentiates it from the 2.

Upon further review the 2 can also be hardwired for continuous charging. Biggest difference I could find is the Pro has 5 ghz WiFi while the 2 only has 2.4 ghz. Otherwise, functionally, they are the same. I did not dig deep into the tech specs but they both do 1080p and night vision.

You are correct. I didn’t intend for my comment to imply that it couldn’t be hardwired. Just that the 2 in addition to being hardwired can be used solely on battery power. That seems like a lot better option that adding 5ghz. The added bandwidth of 5ghz isn’t needed for 1080P and it has a shorter effective range. Unless you’re within 25 feet or so of the access point the 2.4 ghz is probably going to be faster anyway.

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2.4ghz is not a negative. 2.4 has a further range than 5ghz. Both will easily handle the bandwidth. The Pro also works with hardwired bells already in the house. Otherwise go non-pro and buy the wireless ringers.

Didn’t intend it to be a negative. Just that the 2 “only” has 2.4 ghz while the pro has BOTH 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz.

Do these still have lifetime theft protection as if you purchased it on Amazon?

Hi there. We just confirmed - lifetime theft protection is included!


Thanks for the info… just ordered one.

Hi there, I have the live wiring at my doorbell, but don’t have a doorbell in my house anymore. Can I still hard wire this and have it work? Will I need another something inside? Thanks

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You’ll want to get a Ring Chime or Chime Pro inside the house if you want a ding dong inside. They just plug into any power socket.

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If you don’t care about the chime then you don’t have to order one. This should work without a chime. If it’s anything like the Nest, it comes with a wireless receiver that you attach to your current chime so that it rings. If you don’t have one then when someone pushes the button, an alert will come up on your phone.

If you do want a chime, then the above options are your solutions.

Does this product (Ring Video Doorbell Pro) work with Echo Show Generation 1? If so, can it be set-up so the Show is always on and shows the doorbell video when there is motion or a “ring”? I currently have this doorbell (but not the Echo Show Gen 1) and it’s a bit of a PIA to use my iPhone. I need to open the Ring app, wait for connection, etc. Any info would be appreciated. Especially if you are already using the Ring Doorbell with an Echo Show Gen 1.
Thanks in advance…

Doesn’t say anything about what Show generation but I found this:

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