Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Any idea if this is the 2016 or 2019 model?

Hi there. From our buyer:

It appears that in 2019 Ring made some slight changes to the Pro model, but it was not enough to warrant a model change, or even a UPC change. The older version and the newer version are completely identical in size and specs, but the newer version made a few tweaks like the depth of the button and the placement of some sensors. (I had to watch this video to learn about the changes.) I would assume most of our units are the 2016 version, but since there was no change to the UPC or model #, it’s really impossible to tell.


Nobody has rung my doorbell in months. Don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future either. Pass.

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I’ve had a Ring Pro for 3 years - love the concept, but it doesn’t always work like it should. Mine died a couple of months ago, just when this came up last time. Bought it, but it didn’t work when I installed it, and after a day of messing with it, returned it. I don’t know if it was related to improper refurbishment, being a 2016 model, or what. Since then, I’ve been able to get the old one working again, but I’m not convinced it will last, so I’ve got a new (not refurbished) one ready to install.

One thing I think I’ve figured out is that Ring tells you the minimum acceptable internet speed, but in reality that’s nowhere near enough speed. Most people who install this also have a lot of other connected gadgets (cameras, light switches, smart TVs, smart speakers, iPads, phones…), so this works a lot better with a lot of bandwidth.

FWIW, we’ve had this installed for about six months. I had to work a little on the motion detection field, but we now have one-minute videos of anyone or thing coming up to our door, day or night. A possum, a raccoon, several neighborhood cats, and every single delivery person who dropped a package whether they rang the doorbell or not. Experience has been that almost no one rings the bell anymore.

Added advantage-- I can speak to the person at the door (or down the sidewalk) through the app. We’ve actually had door-to-door salespeople coming by (this week!), so it’s safer to respond without opening the door. I have video of them not wearing masks!

This model does need to be hardwired to work with your regular doorbell and may need a transformer upgrade. Ours was 35 years old, so not a bad idea, anyway.

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I have Ring. The time it takes the video to load, the person who rang the door bell is already heading back to their car. It is just too slow. And I expected when paired with Echo Show that as soon the doorbell is rung the video would show up. But that hasn’t been the case.

Thanks for the clarification. That’s the video I was coming from as well. The 2019 with the apparent addition of the heat sink looks like it will do a better job not overheating over time.

I actually purchased one of these as a Woot refurb many weeks ago. The very next day it was announced that the Ring doorbell sends data to Facebook AND that this was not disclosed in the license terms.

So I sent it back.

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I refuse to pay monthly for that.

but you can watch YOUR neighbors. i thought that was the real point? nosy neighborhoods…

This is certified refurbished (Amazon $179.99) so it is not really 52% off but rather 33% off. But nevertheless this is a decent deal.

You can still use this device without paying monthly. Without the basic subscription, the only difference really significant is that it doesn’t save any motion videos past 24 hours. You can always download these videos directly to your device within the initial 24 hours though. With the $3/month basic subscription, your videos get saved in the cloud for up to 60 days.

I personally have Ring cameras and full security system (Yes, cops will come to my house if the alarm goes off) and pay $100 per year. This is in lieu of paying $40-50/month with a standard security company that does not provide video surveillance.


It’s not that difficult to alter the angle and/or put small blinders on it to avoid catching animals. We have ours setup perfectly so very very rare to have anything set it off other than something human sized walking into view.

Without the paid monthly plan, there is only live view, no saving of videos and no 24 hour period of viewing. I think you are thinking of the Amazon Cam.

That’s exactly why I selected the Nest Hello instead. I know several people with Ring doorbells that say the same thing.

We’ve had the Ring Doorbell Pro for four years now and haven’t had any problems (we are in super hot Florida). HOWEVER you should know that you will most likely need to upgrade your doorbell transformer for this to really work correctly. When I installed ours at first the contractor grade transformer (15VA I think) just wouldn’t power it. I upgraded the transformer to 30VA and it works like a champ.

This was the transformer we ordered: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001POBN92/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_slSXEbEDMYXKA

Is the Pro Power Kit included? Looking at the install guide it’s mandatory for installation, but it’s not specifically called out on the post.

I’m assuming that the angling wedges/corner kits are definitely not included.

The power Kit is included: