Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

What does certified refurbished mean?

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So where is the cost per month?

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I think it depends but question #6 from Ring FAQs may be helpful in answering this for you.

This is a pretty solid article outlining what it means and the specific text from Amazon about certified refurbished (which I’m going to assume is the same unless Woot chimes in here).

Definition of “Certified Refurbished” on Amazon

“A refurbished product has been professionally restored to working order. Typically this means that the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications. The item may or may not be in its original packaging. The manufacturer’s or refurbisher’s warranty must apply and should be included in the listing comments. Refurbished items are sometimes referred to as “remanufactured.”

Do I need to use Alexa? Can I just have this ring my Android phone or iPhone?

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I don’t own one personally, but I dont think so. Seems to he more of a feature. They have a specific ‘Ring - At Home’ app that you can use to see the camera and talk to who ever is at the door (for both iOS and android)

Does anyone know if these come with a 90-degree mounting bracket? My existing doorbell faces the door and the approach sideways.

Based on specs, doesnt look like it. But if you google “doorbell 90 degree mount” some of the first results will give you ring suggested angle mounts like this one.

Either way, good to know these exist

We use the Ring app on our Android phones. We can also use Alexa on our phones, Fire tablets, or Fire TVs.

I recently replaced my ring pro with an Eufy bell and am really glad I did. The ring pro was ok, but wouldn’t give me any video (just a balck screen) about 30% of the times that someone rang the bell. Ring blames the wireless network (mine is solid) so after a month of tweeking, I dumped it for the wired version of Eufy, it has been a major improvement over the RIng doorbell. Now I just wish that I wouldn’t have paid the year Ring subscription up front! If you google “ring doorbell black screen” there is a bunch of info dating back a while on this issue.

on my delivery routes I have SEEN some of these ring doorbells with that mount you’re talking any… NOT sure if it’s a different model tho…I always wondered how / why peeps would do that IF they had a “weird” angle of approach, and one day I got my answer!!

(Also amazes me that peeps that live IN gated communities - prob pay waaayy too much for hoa etc., still have a gate (locked) around their property AND a ring/or some type of alarm system…I GET being proactive and wanting to protect your fam…BUT IMO that IS a bit over the top!! at least in the areas where the peeps I am delivering to are… it’s NOT like they ARE high crime areas…they are in bfe out in the country!!

Does this come with the “additional power” you have to install on the transformer, that it shows on the installation video? I didnt see it listed “in the box” but it seems that you cant install it without it.