Ring Video Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbells

Ring Doorbell 2 has been $69.99 on Woot plenty of times before, including 11/4/2019 (48 hours ago) but is now at 79.99.

So, yanno, wait… or maybe Woot can price adjust this back to it’s original $69.99 price and refund those faithful buyers who already purchased it.

QVC is having a Ring sale also; Ring - QVC.com

They have the Ring 2 with the Chime Pro, 3 year warranty, and 3 months of storage plan for $179.94 with free shipping. They also have a ton of others Ring related combos and deals going on. One of the best packaged deals with warranties and prices compared to other vendors.

Morning. The daily deals are often the best price.

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Same here. Bought today hoping woot would price adjust to 69.99. Missed out the other day.