Rio Cali 256MB MP3 Player


[imgleft][/imgleft] Rio Cali 256MB MP3 Player - Thursday, November 03, 2005
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[]p1, DocThan offers upthe pros and cons of this player.
]p2, dnrc64 says he has “this exact same player” and got a 1GB SD expansion card working in it.
[]p3, Woody1 shares his experiences with his Rio Calis. He has four from an earlier purchase.
]p3, tscottme explains the “good points and bad points” of his 128MB Rio player.


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Rio Cali 256MB MP3 Player $29.99 + $5 shipping

Best Froogle price - ~$50 Shipped.

Correction…Amazon has this for $49.98 + shipping…also reviews there - LINK to CALI MP3 Review


not bad, good price, will consider in the morning!


To woot or not to woot. That is the question.

Looks like a good price – ebay and froogle seem to be a bit more than this fine woot price.


WWWD? What Would Woot Do? Are they gonna list something too expensive or just right this time? Its like goldie locks and the three bears. Oh my god, i gotta get one of these. Make that two. Gotta get one for the foster kid in murdaville. Some people think hes my nephew, but hes not. I love woot. I have this alarm set to go off every night so i never miss it. Well, big ups to the hatchet homeboys. wwssl (woot woot spend some loot)


old school, but at that price i dont think i can pass it up!! (expandable up to 512, does that mean 768 overall??)


if i didn’t have my ipod…

not to bad as a player, my brother has one and he loves it.

omg “pod cast-of-the-mohicans”?

a new low in punnery from the podcast! lol


OOO looks good, I think I will catch this one. Thanks woot!


before people whine about 256 megs, it HAS AN SD slot.
SD cards are found cheap at local stores often. There is no reason to pass this up if yo want an mp3 player, unless you want over 2 gigs with you.


The Good:

  • Excellent battery life. 16+ hours from a single AAA battery if you manipulate the power settings and minimize the backlighting to 2 seconds per button push. I work mostly at night and I use the backlight, during the day you can turn it off and it will probably get even better battery life. Great for my purposes since I am living out of a backpack over here. This was one of the reasons I bought the Cali. If you are a backcountry hiker or camper or anybody who gets off the grid for a while a player that takes AAAs is great. Side Note: I have bought alot of my electronics with AAA in mind so that I can consolidate batteries and just throw a handful into the bottom of my back pack and know that I am set fora good long time.

  • Sound quality is way above average compared to many other players. I use some standard Sony Ear Buds or the provided over ear headset that came with the player. The equalizer has good standard settings and a custom option that lets you tailer the sound to your tastes or to specific music, nice.

  • The small size is great, like it isn’t even there.

  • Dependability. After two years and 14 months in Iraq I think it has passed a pretty rugged dependability test. This thhing never sits n a desk. It lives in a backpack, on my arm or the pocket of my cammies or flightsuit. Gets tons of use in extremely hot temperatures and invasive dust (like talcum powder). I drop the thing constantly or bang it up against things. It has been subjected to vibrations in all frequencies from about 300 hours flying in helicopters. It hasn’t given me one single problem!

  • Physical Interface is excellent. I use it in the dark all the time and the buttons and controls are easy to memorize for no see operation.

The Bad:

  • Software is clunky and not very well designed. You can use the provided software or Windows Media Player (WMP). I prefer the WMP. The problem with the provided software is that it just dumps the music onto the player. No order, no nothing just a jumble. With WMP you must create a playlist in order to organize your data. It is a pain in th rear but necessary.

  • Scrolling through music can be a pain as you have to basically go forward or back wards through the entire selection as fast as your finger can click. No fancy menus or speedy scrolling.

CONCLUSION: For $35 shipped, it’s a good buy . You can’t find anything else cheaper .


Not bad, although 256 MB is a bit limiting if you’re going for a weekend trip or something. Great for a session at the gym, though. Perhaps I might indulge…


Maybe if it was a Creative 20 MB…


Not for me tonight… Have enough MP3 players to last a life time. Maby tomorows woot will be for me, Night everyone!


This is a great player. I’ve had mine for a couple of years, and it is still in good condition. Haven’t had any problems with it.

After listening to the podcast a few times, I feel a strange urge to buy another one. Anyone check those podcasts for subliminal messages?


Not a big fan of the fact that you can’t charge it.


You lost me at ---- “USB 1.1 interface”


I’m still using my MobiDV for mp3’s…


what is with all these tiny mp3 players?!?! Let’s get some more nice ones up here. . . I couldn’t even fit a whole audio book on this one! Heck, we could get one of those cheap ones that use laptop harddrives and swap it for a BIG laptop harddrive. . . then I’d go for it. . . especially if it was one of the ones that plays video


Nice song! I never knew" woot" was pronounced like that.