Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 Player w/Zcyber i3 Portable Speakers



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great price for a carbon and the speaks!


are speakers compatable with ipod?


100$ for 1Wx1W?
No thanks.


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Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 Player w/Zcyber i3 Portable Speakers
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
1 Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 Player
1 Zcyber i3 Mini Speaker Set


I like the speakers, but a refubished 5-gig player just isn’t worth it to me.


do the speakers work at all with an ipod?



wow that seems like a good deal, but i already have an ipod nano


5GB is That Enough


lets see, crappy mp3 player and bad speakers. No thanks.


Anybody like this player?


Ugly as sin


Nope, already have an ipod. Looks like a great deal though. 5gb of space is a lot more than what apple will give you for $100. plus you get the stand / portable stereo which can be almost $30 some places.

nite woot.


I have one of these and it is great!


i just want the speakers…i bought them during the last woot off and they are great for the money…


refurbished = used. No thank you. Woot is good stuff but I’m just not a refurbished person.


Is this a harddrive, I am guessing? I GOOGLE it and all I get are articles about carbon mining in Rio de Janeiro.

The NEUROS 442 was sent back… still awaiting refund, grr. Anyways, I dont ever want another harddrive-based MP3 player.


Those speakers are pretty amazing. I got those during a woot off for $8. Totally worth it. They work with the wife’s iPod and if she’s impressed, I’m amazed. Probably one of the corniest things that I’ve wooted but they’ve turned out to be one of the most approved purchases!


Not a perticularly a good deal for a refurb there is better out there for $99.99 no thanks Woot! i will pass tonight.