Rio Carbon Pearl 6GB MP3 Player

does this mean theres a woot off soon?

seems like a good deal, esp. when compared to competition (ipod)

hmm, to bad i have an ipod

Carbon Pearl…that’s different!

This post contains pricing information which will not become available when this woot! offer expires.

Rio Carbon Pearl 6GB MP3 Player
$79.99+ $5 shipping

1 Rio Carbon Pearl 6GB MP3 Player

Big storage…no thrills…I’ll pass…

Personally, I dislike the shape of these rio’s. I got a refurbished nano and have loved it, no problems yet.

The 6gb part is definitely nice, as that, for the price, is better than you’ll ever find in an ipod.


what a tease, it says woot off theme

woah thats pretty spendy for such old tech. Ebay is cheaper, and they’re new not refurb.

$80 for a 6gb voice recorder is pretty decent.

nice, but refurbished

Woot, from that picture, we can hope for a woot-off tomorrow. Bring on the BOC

These are HORRIBLE DONT BUY!!! I had one new that broke in two days.

Here’s the Froogle on it:

No iTunes = No purchase…

I bought one of these off woot about a year ago and I Love It!

darn it! another refurb!

how reliable is rio? has anyone had any experience with a rio refurb? is rio better brand new, or are they just not very good either way?

Oh no, 200 pages of, “My dopi is better, because…”

This looks like a good deal for those in the market for an inexpensive alternative to the that other brand…

comparison links for all the sites… shopzilla, froogle, pricegrabber, shopping, yahoo, msn, etc.
… p.s. if you don’t get this woot… something ain’t right… i love rio.

Is this flash?