Rio Chiba 256MB MP3 Player


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Not surprising that the $2200 projector did not sell out. Even with the Wall Street guys and gals :wink: Tonight is a bit more realistic for most. Nice MP3 Player and it’s expandable.

Best Price on Froogle - $69.99 … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.

Rio Chiba 256MB MP3 Player
How can you say no to this pretty face?
$49.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Our Unabashed Spanish-English Dictionary defines “Rio Chiba” as “river of special green tobacco.” But you can just call it “an mp3 player that actually looks kind of cool.” Unlike the countless mp3-playing rectangular silver boxes we’ve sold you in the past, the Cheeb is something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with at a wedding, divorce proceeding, or funeral.

Check those sporty curves! Dig those not-quite-right angles! If this here Chiba was a record cover, it’d be Meet the Beatles. If it were a baseball uniform, it’d be the old orange-stripe Astros outfit. If it were an actress, it’d be sultry, underrated beauty Maura Tierney of NewsRadio and ER fame. (Lucky for you, it’s not, because we happen to know that Maura is very touchy about midnight visits from total strangers.)

Not only will it gently cradle 256 righteous megs of boss tuneage in its shapely bosom, the Cheeb will let you have its way with all five bands on its equalizer. And it’s not jealous: invite a 512mb memory card along for the fun and Chiba won’t bat an eye. Yes, it’s refurbished, but in today’s social climate we prefer to call it “born again.”

Condition: Refurbished by Rio
256 MB of memory plays back over 4 hours of MP3 or 8 hours of WMA music (over 60 MP3 or 120 WMA songs)
Expansion slot to add up to 512MB additional memory using SD or MMC cards (sold separately)
USB 1.1 connects to almost any computer
Transfer content between multiple PCs
18-hour continuous playback using one Energizer AAA Battery
5-Band Adjustable Equalizer with pre-sets
Box contents
Rio Chiba 256
Carrying Case with Belt Clip
1 Energizer AAA Alkaline Battery
USB Cable
Installation Disk
Quick Start Guide
System requirements
Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Mac OS X
Intel Pentium II 233 MHz or equivalent
35 MB available hard drive space
USB port
CD-ROM drive



they can’t all be great i guess. just not for me. price isn’t too bad. goe son froogle for about $65, i just would need some moew space. MP3 cd player maybe.


Not a bad item, but I already have too many mp3 players…


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Review from one of the user from price grabber

Strengths: Solid Belt Clip, super easy menu system, Excellent, BIG LCD display, handy shape, standard mini-usb connection (i.e. no proprietary cord to buy if lost, and may be compatible with other USB devices.

Weaknesses: All minor: No “scan” for Fast foward mode. Belt clip not permanent, blocks USB port. No protection for USB port without belt clip on. No “delete” directly from MP3 Player. Not much else!

Summary: I’m very particular for my MP3 player, and this one fits the bill. I have multiple needs for my MP3 Player. I use it for workouts, so it needs a belt clip (I think armbands are a real pain, they are uncomfortable, itchy, and just soak up the sweat, stinking in no time flat). I also like to use it on travel, so it needs to be able to give me ID3 tag support for when I’m not working out, but still be small and compact enough to not be a hinderance for travel. Belt clip works great on the road too! Small enough to fit in shirt pocket as well.

Couple of other quirks that make it useful to me.

The display is awesome. I tried the MPIO FL100 MP3 Player, but was annoyed by the tiny display which left me scrolling and scrolling through menus, and losing track of where I was. This one shows 6 LINES! That means perusing the menu system is a piece of cake, and the menu system actually uses WORDS instead of archaic symbology. Very easy to switch display options showing track time; time elapsed; equaliser setting; file type, encoding rate and size data; and the date and time.

Volume. A little weak with the included headphones, but a new set of headphones works great. I used the MPIO headphones in this machine, and it made a difference of about 5 “volume points” on the Max 30 scale of the Chiba. (i.e. 25 with the MPIO headphones sounded as loud as 30 with the original headphones)

A nice thing about the volume is it auto resets to 20 when you turn the player off. Great feature for when you are using it while on a plane, and then the next place you turn it on is a quiet room somewhere. Saves those ears from the shock!

MENU. I already mentioned the menu system, but I have to say it again, completely AWESOME. It’s very intuitive. I spent about an hour or two getting comfy with the menu system on the MPIO and didn’t like it at all. I need to use the manual, which I almost never need. With the Chiba, I still haven’t even unpacked the manual. It is completely obvious how to use it and access the features. Awesome, awesome user interface. (By the way, TDK and MPIO use the same firmware it appears in my testings). Really easy to select playlists and stuff, which I love to do…a fast paced playlist for running or working out, and a simple “shuffle” of all tracks when I’m traveling.

It has a “bookmark” mode, that allows you to keep basically multiple settings (i.e. repeat mode, playlist, current track, equalizer, etc etc) Perfect for a guy like me who uses it in two main modes: “Workout” and “Travel” Rather than go in and deselect a playlist, change the play mode to shuffle, and whatever other changes I look, one menu item sets all those things for me. Very handy feature if you either share your MP3 Player, or use it like I use mine.

USB Cable. Mini-usb type is great. I can use the same cable for my MP3 Player and Digital camera. I’d prefer no cable, with a direct connection, but oh well. I understand the complexity, size and weight that adds. But it’s great to at least cut down on cord clutter by only using one for two devices. This was a HUGE plus for me. It also means if you lose the cable, you don’t have to go to Rio and pay $20 for one, but can pick up one at almost any retail computer parts store.

Now some downsides, and I assure you they are small!

The belt clip is a “wrap around” clip on, that covers the whole backside of the player, and the 4 “edges”. It leaves all buttons available, but requires you to take the headphones unplug in order to remove it as it has a “whole” instead of a cutout for the headphone jack. My Xacto knife may have to remedy that one :wink: The other downside is that with the clip on, you cannot access the battery compartment (and thus the SD/MMC slot either) or the USB port. Not terrible things, but when you have a friction mount clip, you want to take it on and off as infrequently as possible so as to not wear down the friction stops.

Of course, if you wanted to do the Xacto trick on the usb port part as well, you could, but then you’d expose the port to dirt and debris, as there is NO rubber grommet to keep dirt out. That is very dissapointing to me. It looks as though chiba really intended you to use the belt clip…but then at the same time, it’s not permamant. They seemed very torn on the issue, and IMHO, missed. They should have had a screw on belt clip like the old Intel 3000. (Which this unit is replacing for me)

Okay, other negatives. When you FF or REW a song while it plays, you get silence, not a “scan” of the song. This is a minor annoyance, but sometimes you want to scan to the chorus to hear it again, or something of that nature.

And finally, you can’t delete a song directly from the MP3 Player. Not a huge deal, but would be nice to save time when you know you have a song on there you don’t ever want to hear again :slight_smile:

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this is a good item with a good price, found it for 60 at amazon so as always woot is a better deal :slight_smile:


Sorry, not today.
For more deals, go to


OG… :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


GIVE us an IPOD or something with 5GB or more and I’ll buy it! But PLEASE stop with these worthless pieces of crap that can’t even fit a whole audio book on them. . .


I won’t buy anything else from woot, especially this item, until I get a refund or exchange for the Rio Cali 128 MP3 player I bought last week and never got to use since it got the dreaded “Upgrader” message. Yes, i have tried everything suggested to fix it, even the tech guy from Rio could not help. The thing is useless, not even good for ebay.


need help can’t stop wootin want–need???


lot’s o’ buy it nows on eBay for same price.



i’ve seen it cheaper new…but still pretty cool…bring on the 30G iPod Photos!!! i need one of those.


These do a good job for the price. Easy to carry, easy to program, upgradable in memory, sounds good with original headphones, great with better buds. Guess you’d have to be a connoisseur to complain about needing a better one.


i’ve seen it cheaper new…but still pretty cool…bring on the 30G iPod Photos!!! i need one of those.


What a weekend with the woot-off.

Got a deal, too bad there is no FM-radio record feature


Not that I could find. You’re probably looking at the 128 mb version. For buy it now on this version, you’re looking at 66.95 with 5.95 shipping. Woot wins, and I got mine.


got one!