Rio Forge 256MB MP3 Player


Wasnt this on earlier in the woot-off, but red?


this is such a good deal, i bought mine for 40 a while back, from woot.


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here


fm tuner looks cool i guess. Better than the last MP3 player.


that was a 128mb


The other one was red AND 128mb


256 mb instead o the 128


that was only 128MB


It was Rio 128 then Rio 256…I will buy Rio 512…Good price…Woot+


I bought three of these the last time for my wife,coworker and I.

They all worked fine though we have never bothered to try a memory card to expand any of them.

Good deal to me.


Are they serious??? 256MB… I would pay maybe $20.00 for it…


If only it would take more than 512MB.


Alrighy! Now this is how fast a Woot-Off should go!!!

Hold on to your britches girls.

FYI. Woot-Off Checkers

2nd Best: (AJAX Version)
Useless: (still has the router at 5%)


Is this USB 2.0?


How can I see the percentage of items remaining? Where did you all find the 4%, 3%, etc. numbers? I must be missing something here…


Lol, the front page loads up quick and painless for me, but it’s the forums that either load extremely slow or don’t load at all.


These little things are great! I’ve got 2 of em, and I don’t know why they don’t advertise it. BUT both of mine use a 1gig SD card in them that works find, plus the 256 onboard. My only complaint is the software that comes with it. Even though I have recently found some other software that is compatible with these players and transfers MP3s a lot faster…


rio is a solid brand…but 256 just doesn’t cut it for me


This is a pretty good deal, if the ads on Ebay are to be believed. I got two - I think. Waiting to see if my card approves…