Rio Forge 512MB MP3 Player



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1st woot for me - good deal


Boy, if I hadn’t already purchased the 256 model less than 24 hours ago, I would buy this one. Damn me for being fast enough that time.


This is what the 3rd Rio Forge product on the woot off. Sweet Jesus Rio make some products that work. That is alot of refurb


Got one. Now what do I do with the 256mb version I bought yesterday?


Wasn’t this just on??


Why? This is the 3rd rio. Each x it increases in memory. GDMFSoB


should i buy it??? hmmm its soo tempting


hmmm, do i want one of these?

//kicks forum server


This is my second woot of the wootoff, but I’m still pissed about missing the hd and enclosures while I slept.


I just got the 256MB one yesterday. I knew I should have waited.


Well this looks pretty cool, especially since you can add more space to it and also record from FM radio. :slight_smile:


crap, already bought the 256mb. oh well, I don’t really need the extra space.


I bought one, even though I already own one. What’s happening to me!!!


not again… doesnt woot get over of mp3’s…


the music video for the phenomenauts - the year 2000


Well, if this isn’t a kick in the tailpipe!

I want this one more than the one I bought yesterday…doggone it!


Isnt this one supposed to be $30? The 128 was 20, the 256 was 2t, and then this is 42? It breaks the trend!!!


It says exandable by using up to 512m memory cards. What happens if you try to use a bigger SD card like a 2G one?