RIP Ken Jennings

I have to admit since we went to the new forums a year ago I lost track of Ken Jennings’ blog posts. But just now I was trying to create that stupid “donate to water” (or something like ad that was supposedly blocked but I guess it isn’t because I saw it) thing and I noticed Woot’s promotion for Ken on the front page. So I clicked on it for old time’s sake.

But it was dated at the end of August and it appears there has been nothing debunked since.

Did Ken finally debunk EVERYTHING or did you fire him Woot?

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Actually we’re cooking up a new thing to feature Ken, to debut early next year. Need some time to put it together…we’ll probably put up a “best of Ken” feature in the spot until then.


Maybe we can use this thread to debunk things until KJ returns!

I’d like to start with the “Food Pyramid”.
The one presented to us contains crap no one would eat anyways.
Ignore this one:

As you can see, anything edible is way at the top and you should limit it. Are they kidding?
I bet they were laughing their butts off when they made it.

Here is a much better one. It’s a pyramid with wonderful flavor and beer! Yay!

As you can see here, meat, cheese and beer are the main items. Remember, bacon is a meat!
Anyway, this is my debunking.


I fully concur Dave. I found this “quick start” food guide for those of us that don’t have time to read charts:



This looks like a wonderful thread to unlurk this account in … :slight_smile:

(Haven’t posted as this account in many years)