Rippin' Deals on Razer Gaming Accessories

Beanbags and gamer accessories this week. You know what that means, right?


Anyone used the Naga Epic Gaming Mouse? Or has anyone used something similar for computer drafting?

I don’t play games I’m thinking of using it for some CAD. I use Microstation on a daily basis and would like something more comfortable than my current logitech 3 button wireless mouse.

Just having a difficulty justifying $70 for a mouse.

Hmm, I’m not sure about this one (RAZER Banshee StarCraft II Gaming Headset). It’s grey, and the one on Amazon is black (which looks cooler when the light is on (I think both have the StarCraft II logo light up) on the sides).

I use the Death Adder and it’s pretty fantastic, imo. I use it for video gaming and some graphics design with OpenGL and I’ve had no qualms with it.

Wired mice are, for now, usually more responsive and precise than wireless ones.

Does the Onza Professional Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 work for windows too?

Yes it works with windows, but after reading reviews apparently its build quality isn’t great and it often has issues after 1 month.

Bought the Carcharias Gaming Headset about a month ago from Woot. Way more sturdy than the Turtle Beach headset it replaced(plastic earpiece connection to the headband broke) that cost about double the price. Would suggest if you have the need, granted the audio quality isn’t anything like a high end Sennheiser set or anything.

If the tron mouse had a tilt wheel I’d totally be in for 1, at least.

why not buy a mechanical keyboard for a few bucks more instead of this sc2 keyboard?

Hey Sparky, checked with the buyer who checked with Razer. The Banshee has only ever been offered in one color - Slate. In certain conditions, it shows darker in photos.

So it’s the same thing you’re seeing on the Razer site.

I’m gonna guess that some of those conditions make the lights show better. Hope that helps.

EDIT: although, we’ve just been told by Razer that our pic shows it lighter than it really is, possibly due to using a flash.

The Banshee headset is very comfortable and I’m told, when I’m on Vent, that the sound quality is better than my Astro A40s (with Mixamp). Definitely worth the price.

The other two I can’t speak for but might pick one up just to compare.

The Naga - it’s a decent weight and is overall a good mouse, but the extra buttons on the side felt a little awkward - I ended up barely using them. It is a little on the small side, as is the TRON mouse, but the TRON one is way lighter and feels, not flimsy exactly, but not as solid as the Naga.

I personally could not recommend either one, unless you’re looking for good travel peripherals that you’re not going to rely on heavily.

(What I do recommend for mice - a Logitech G500, or one of the Cyborg R.A.T line.)

I bought one the last time around. I used a Logitech G500 prior to doing so (and still do so for mobile usage). It compliments my Logitech G15 Keyboard and Belkin n52te. Two words: Worth It (and surprisingly comfortable).

Thanks! In the packaging pic (on Amazon), it does look lighter. And it’s $20 more!


Man, the DeathAdder 3500 is sold out already again. I’ve been trying to get one the past few Woot Offs to no avail. I checked Woot last night when the new items went up and this deal wasn’t up yet. I guess I need to start checking Woot several times a day even when there isn’t a Woot Off.

I had one but returned it. Great mouse, just the numpad on the side was positioned too high for me. My thumb would rest on the very last row and the top half would be basically inaccessible

I’ve been using a white Razer ProV1.6 for GIS editing work for years now. I have a Razer Copperhead (both from Woot) that I plan to use as a replacement when enough of the buttons’ rubberized coating wears off. I won’t ever go back to using a non-“gaming” mouse for professional use.

That Naga Epic looks like overkill for me, both of my mice are very similar in style to the DeathAdder (unfortunately sold out). I recommend them highly.

I’ve used it for gaming, but I imagine it’d be fine for drafting as well. Anything where extra functions will help - even just using half of the extra buttons available will more than double what any non-gaming mouse can do.

As a programmer, I have no problem spending whatever it takes to get the keyboard I want (within reason) - I spend 6+ hours a day with my fingers on the keys. Luckily, my favorite (Lenovo Thinkpad USB keyboard w/trackpoint) is cheap, but I’d drop 3-500$ on the perfect keyboard.

If you’re not sure, and don’t need wireless, the only real difference between the Epic and the regular Naga is that the regular Naga is wired-only. It’ll run you around 70-80 at a Best Buy type place, and they tend to have 30-day return-if-not-satisfied policies. Since you really need a few days to test out a primary input, that’s the best way to go.

So I’m thinking about buying the Carcharias headset, however it seems it does not play nicely with Mac laptops as the mic needs to be powered (which it is not).

What is a good USB sound card to pair with this (since I heard this headset is a little quiet too)? It would be nice if it has two outputs, one for this headset and one for my speakers, with the ability to switch between them.