Riptide 5-Tealight Rail - 3 Pack

Good deal! I’m in for one of each. They’ll make good cheap presents… and I might keep one.

Edit: Good news- it looks like they have a crapton of these!

In for the bronze! Yay!

I got mine for presents, too. Never too early to shop for the holidays.

Good Price,
This was Originally $9.99 on the last WOOT Off sale on June 27.

Where the heck is tiamat? WE NEED YOUR PICTURES!

Edit: Oh nevermind i found it!

Exactly. It gives you a chance to shop for the best deals (like this!). I ended up buying another silver one.

I’m bored so Instead of Sleep I’m going to occupy my time with great MSPaint edits of current woots.

Riptide 5-Tealight Rail Doesn’t Care About Black People.

C’mon, people! These are great (cheap) gifts! I can’t buy any more of these, but I want to know what the next item is. :slight_smile:

Kind of looks like it is trying to set the white guy on fire.