Rise of Cathulhu

Cathulhu can rampage through my city any time!

Cathulhu for the win!

Cathulhu’s main weakness is he can never decide if he wants to be inside the city or outside.

Nice steam textures! Check out that zoom button, yo.

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Cthulhus and cats. Just when you think they spend all their time asleep, there they are ripping everything to shreds.

Congrats ocho. :^)

Is Godzilla suddenly going to appear and there will be a huge death match wreaking havoc throughout the city as they battle for supremacy?

This is the perfect shirt for a game of CALL OF CATTHULHU! Check us out at http://catthulhu.com.


Ooh, I like this thought.

Congrats. This is cute + yet colored in an ominous enough fashion that I, unlike lordbowen, don’t want to wake up to the scene.

Thanks, yous guys! I kinda want to print out the write-up and frame it, hehe.

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