Rise of the Goblin King

Is this another movie shirt?

Uh oh. Looks like he’s about to become the Goblin Luncheon Meat…

Loved labyrinth.

I think, if I knew what this was referencing (is it D&D?), that I would think the write-up is hilarious, because it’s pretty funny already, in my current state of ignorance.


I didn’t know they made muppets that big. Bowie is so hosed…

Long John Silver’s was never like this.

Dance magic dance!!

You remind me of the movie…

What movie?

The movie with David Bowie…

What Bowie?

The Bowie with a stuffed jock…

stuffed co…

He did?

Did what?

Remind me of a movie…

Just watch this: Dance Magic Dance

“michaelevans once rolled three critical hits in a row!”

Sadly, not yet true. I’ve got high hopes though.

Thanks everyone who supported the design!

“Is it cold out in space Bowie?
You can borrow my jumper if you like Bowie”
Congratulations Michael.

is that bowie? i can’t see the moose knuckle for verification.

You Remind Me of the Babe

Do those things have a striking resemblance to the rancor to anyone besides me?

I’m never taking this shirt off… ever.

A bit too scary for me… pass

I’m gonna be the first to officially complain this is printed on white. Bra show-through makes it a no-go for me. DAMN YOU, FEMININITY!

There was no way I wasn’t getting this shirt. White tee be darned. Love it!!

Kind of a Lord of the Rings/Assassin’s Creed/Princess Bride theme…

I hope you live in the the Bog of Eternal Stench, then. No one will notice the smell.