Risky Business

hahaha, definitely getting this.

Kim Jong gettin’ Ill.

Grats Cho! Glad to see that even though all the bouncing in the derby, you came out in 2nd

More like Risky Busin.


sweet shirt, in for one!!!

Yay! I was waiting for this one! =]

Last wooter to woot: jdstalin


“We call this color: Olive’s Armies”

Oh woot, I’m such a sucker for elvis costello puns

In for 1. Congrats, Cho! :smiley:

And hey Roomba, if you don’t laugh at history, you’re bound to repeat it. Or something similarly obscure and superficially thoughtful. shrug

in for one. wearing it whenever I play risk :smiley:

Nice rendering of Marx and friends. I’ll pass, however. I already have something in a similar vein from one of shirt.w00t’s competitors…

I am so tempted to get this for my cousin. We always play Risk on holiday gatherings. I am 36 and we still play it like when we were ten. BTW - He who controls Australia usually wins.

I would have liked it better if it had some other historical villains. I mean, seriously, why leave out Idi Amin and Pol Pot? Let’s be thorough, people!

This shirt is epic!!!
Congrats on your 3 Derby placings! I actually wore the Duckhunt shirt to work today.

he is saving pol pot for the holiday in cambodia derby

So what revolutionaries do you know of that didn’t cause the deaths of thousands of people?

You really need to just let it go. This shirt is not condoning what they did, it is showing five famous communists playing a board game about ruling the world.

I know, I know. You’ll have to forgive me. My cousin lived most of his life in the socialist “utopia” that was East Germany. If you wanna know how that was like, rent a little movie called The Lives of Others. He had a file about 2 inches thick on him, since he had family in the US military.

I get the irony, I’m just not exactly plussed by it. I also want to punch people who wear che’ shirts and regularly have to restrain myself from getting into idiot hipsters who are sporting China-Star shirts these days.

It’s a good shirt, a nice design, I just won’t get one myself. I find it… distasteful. I’m sure it’ll be fine for other peeps, and I generally loves me some w00t shirts.

Can someone help me identify the fifth person? It’s Che, Marx, Lenin, Kim Jong-Il and ??

I have never posted before, but I gotta say this is the best design ever. Great job.

Looks like Mao.