Ritetemp 7-Day Programmable Universal Thermostat



i have this exact thermostat
i paid like $40 for mine
pretty average programmable thermostat
good deal here

Reviews at Milo


Prices at Amazon

These are selling for $6 each on eBay if you’re willing to buy 36 of them :slight_smile:

How about those Mr. Slim split systems? Can it control that? Is it backlit? What color is the backlight?

This gives an overall 2.5 stars, but several negative reviews. One of these reviews says you can’t pick the time intervals for it to be programmable during the day - does anyone own this who can verify? Seems stupid if true.

Sounds like it’s worth it for the air filter reminder alone. I always forget to change that stupid thing.

How To Install a Programmable Thermostat - The Home Depot

I tell ya, you can always use a few extra thermostats.

Save your money:


Don’t think it would work with the Mits Mr. Slim.

This thing is more flexible than most programmable thermostats; it’s compatible with just about anything resembling a HVAC system.

The only exception I saw in the manual (linked from the front page) is line-level systems. So, for example, if you have baseboards in a room hooked directly to a thermostat, you might be out of luck there.

The backlight is white.

>> Sounds like it’s worth it for the air filter reminder alone. I always forget to change that stupid thing.

Pretty much every programmable thermostat gives you a once-a-month filter reminder. It would be a lot smarter (and simple to do, in the thermostat) if it based it on running hours instead of calendar time, but I don’t think I’ve seen one that does that.

Sadly, what I really need is one that can switch itself from heat to cool, and this one can’t do that.

This is $10 less than ebay when you factor in shipping, too.

I have had one of these for a a year or so - works well enough. Only issue I have with it is that you have to adjust the temp dial to get the backlight to turn on so you can see the temp in the dark.

What kind of math is being used? :-/

I have a heat pump as well as a gas furnace. The instruction manual isn’t terribly clear to me. Anybody have one of these with my setup?

Will it automatically switch over to the furnace when the heat pump can’t keep up?

I always wondered, why do these things need batteries, can’t they just get power from the 24 volt furnace power supply?

Power failures for one.

The only drawback I see is that the time periods that you can program for each day aren’t adjustable. It appears that Morning starts at 6 AM, Day at 8 AM, Evening at 6 PM, and night at 10 PM. It pretty much assumes that everyone works from 9 AM to 5 PM. I have seen other units that allow you to shift the times around a bit. Pretty handy for those of us that work 2nd or 3rd shift.