Ritetemp 7-Day Programmable Universal Thermostat

Does this work in a tent? wOOt!

Ritetemp is garbage. All of their thermos have problems of features randomly stop working. Honeywell is best.

Though for $10 I guess it’s an OK deal, just don’t expect it to last long.

Really decent price.


A $10 thermostat? A good deal or a piece of shit? I’m leaning toward shit!

If Ritetemp builds thermostats like they build websites then your house will be 100 degrees all summer long and 20 all winter…


This is a good price for the unit. I have never used this brand (so I can’t comment on quality), but it also works with a Heat Pump. Seems good enough for me!

$23.94 on Amazon No reviews yet.


Worth a try to get 4 settings per day for all 7 days; our expensive Honeywell cheaps out on weekends with only two settings. Meh.

just buy three of them, problem solved.

Does it work with a MAC ???

That’s a great price on unit that does 7 day with 4 time periods.

Also works on heatpumps(says so on packaging) so it should be one of those 90%+ compatible units.

I’d buy one…but I just splurged and bought a nice Lux touch screen that was on clearance.

I had one of these. It’s a complete POS. Didn’t last even one season.

From August’s sellout.woot: http://sellout.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=13681

Got one. Need a programmable thermostat and anyone is better than what I have now! Plus, its a good price

At least they only have a FEW of these suckers!!!

I installed two of these (different brand) last year and since then we have saved an average of $100 PER MONTH on our heating (gas) and cooling (electricity) bills. No kidding! I am so sorry I didn’t install something like this sooner!!


Hope it’s decent. I need a programmable thermostat and that’s cheap. I’m in for one.

I installed a Ritetemp almost identical to this one (I think one model lower). It was very easy to install (15-20 mins) and it comes with detailed instructions for a variety of Heating/AC setups. It has worked very well for the last few months. I recommend it highly.

Correct me if I’m wrong but 7 day means same program for each day and not 1 program for each day?

I’m home on the weekends so I want it set different. This would not work?