Riton MOD 7 5-25x56 MRAD Illuminated Reticle

Riton MOD 7 5-25x56 MRAD Illuminated Reticle

NOTE: this scope requires 34 mm rings. They aren’t impossible to find, but they are less available than the 30 and 1 inch variety. This is a consequence of the enhanced elevation adjustment range for truly long range shooting. It isn’t a scope for standard hunting at ranges of 20-250 yards. It is for very long range target shooting and, perhaps, elk and mule deer hunting where weight isn’t an issue.

For the purposes it was designed for, it shines. I have not shot it yet. No mounting issues. High rings are mandatory, due to the large objective lens.

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Have you had a chance to shoot scope yet? What is quality like?

I have their mod 7 1-5x. If the construction and glass is similar in quality you will not be disappointed.

here is my personal opinion related to this scope I purchased recently from here. It is definitely worth the cost but i would not pay more than this. here is why, yes it is crystal clear but it is mrad, if you are not shooting 500yards and beyond this is totally no sense to purchase. you put this on 6.5creedmor, you will have a kick on that if you are hunting, you are gonna have a time to hit where you want to shot. you also should not zero this under 200 yards, each click goes 3.6inches.

200yards and up to zero the scope is the most reliable. so like the chapman said, if you are gonna buy for hunting, it will be little bit of wasting money and time. if you are big game hunter, bigger target, long enough distance like elk or wild bore, than it might fit for you. i would not spend that money for deer hunting in 250yrd range.

go with vortex or nikon 44mm or 50mm scope with 3-15, should be more than enough.

clarity on this is great up to 500yrds, then it goes little distorted on the edges and your eye relief goes pretty tight/small also when you zoom in. yes first focal plane, and that is usually best for long range shooting as well. too many adjustments for regular hunting also. this is a scope you use tripod, stabilize your rifle and take long ass shots 500yrd to 1000yrd shots. if you are not into that, vortex, nikon. leupold would be your rich takes, or go with tasco $40 walmart, i use it on one of my 270s, it has been 3 years, never had a single issue.

good luck!

you can definitely get this one and get a good kick out of it. MOA is your standard 1inch per click for each 100yard.

I bought this scope, mounted it and love it. No problems sighting it in or holding zero. This is definitely not your average deer hunting scope, as was stated above. Just to clarify, one click is 3.6" at 1000 yards, not at 100y where it’s .36"(just under 3/8"). One milliradian = 1 yard(36") at 1000y and the adjustment is 1/10 mil per click(36" ÷ 10 = 3.6") versus standard MOA which is 1/4" at 100 and 2.5" at 1000 y.
You can sight in at any distance, based upon you specific calibers ballistics, being that you use the turret to adjust the elevation and windage using very simple mathematical equations for the known trajectory the ammunition you shoot.
The mildot reticle is used to measure known target sizes and calculate distance,(a 6ft man would be app 2 mills tall at 1000y, 4 at 500…) not as a BDC reticle.
You can look on YouTube where they explain milliradian using visual aids.
Being FFP, the value of the mildot never changes despite the magnification.
If none of the above makes sense, then this scope probably isn’t for you.