Rival 18-Quart Roaster Oven

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4.4 star reviews

the good people over at Sams club also gave it 4.4 stars

where do I put this thing, with all the other cooking gizmos I’ve bought>

Looks like it gets pretty decent reviews on Amazon. Consensus seems to be that it cooks quickly and makes poultry very moist, though not as browned on the outside compared to a regular oven. And it’s versatile enough to use it for soups or even bake bread-type things in it.

The one I found particularly fascinating was the review saying that it’s the perfect appliance to heat rocks for hot stone massage. Now that sounds appealing. Now if it just came with a masseuse . . .

Does the turkey roaster work in england

Don’t know if it will work in GB, but it might vacation there.

Need a look at its manual to see if it has switchable voltage. I have a Rival Deep Fat Fryer and it doesn’t have a voltage switch. Rival is marketed by GE? Not sure.

So a roaster isn’t a crock pot, right?

If you need to cook a lot of food, this is your appliance. I don’t think the design has changed in 20 years. We have one of these Rival cookers that looks identical to this, and it’s quite old. However, it works perfectly every time.
We tend to use the Rival for large gatherings like church dinners, school lunches, etc. If you need to cook a roast for 30 people look no further than the Rival!

No, not a crock pot. However, we use ours like a crock pot on steroids.

If you don’t own one of these, you need to get one. Our 18 qt roaster held a 21 lb turkey and we have made cheesecake, London broil, Stew, and a number of other meals and they all cooked faster than the conventional way.

The only thing we can not get it to do is thicken gravy. Still have to boil it in a pot to get the roux to work.

I’ve had one of these for like 3 years. I don’t remember how we cooked thanksgiving meals before it. We keep it in the basement when it isn’t needed – pop in the turkey, wait a couple hours, and eat. It frees up the oven for baking, roasting veggies, making side dishes, etc. And then doubles as a steam table. Buy it. Now.

No, it is only compatible with 120V, not 220V.

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This is good advice. We had a vintage 1960s version of this thing that was still going strong until 5-10 years ago, when we replaced it with a newer one that looks almost identical to this. We typically have 20+ folks for Thanksgiving dinner, so this plus our dual oven range makes it possible to cook two 20lb turkeys and still have an oven free for baking potatoes, veggies, pies, etc.

Mr Internet says 1,425-watt roaster oven so if you do not have a dedicated appliance outlet you will likely trip a 15 amp circuit breaker.

My mother in law has this, and busts it out every time we visit. Of course, my husband has 3 married siblings and 3 nieces/nephews, so it’s a good sized family. But, Thanksgiving turkey is always amazing out of this device! As is the Christmas ham. And the Easter ham. And the venison loin. And the pot roast. You get the point. Also, as previous posters have pointed out, cooking times are shorter, and the oven is freed up for the important things. Like stuffing and PIES!!!

Not completely off topic, this is about the last paragraph of the copy.

In case no one has read this yet:

My parents made dry turkey every Thanksgiving for years. I told them for several years to get this roaster after having had moist, delicious turkey made at a friend’s house, and they finally got it about 5-6 years ago. No more dry turkey! Still going strong. I am hopefully not going to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a few more years, but I’m still thinking of picking this up.

I am in the same boat. More kitchen what nots than I know what to do with. If I bought this, my wife would kill me.

My mother used to put hers on the back porch. We had an electrical outlet there and she would use it to bake hams or turkeys for family gatherings.