Rival Vacuum Sealer

I think Woot should expect a worker’s comp claim from Mortimer in the morning.

Poor Mortimer!

No monkey? No deal!

Although, I am happy to report that these do work with Macs! Works best with the Mac Mini as that is the product easiest to find a bag it will fit in…

Maybe I’ll pick this up. My gf and I could mail cookies and stuff to my friend in Ghana!

You should raise the price $6 and sell them WITH a hermetically sealed monkey

THere are a pretty good amount of Buzzillions reviews. Average is about 4.3 stars.

This sucks.

(literally, it sucks the air from the bag)

Bad Puns to end the night for me =D

Ah! What have they done to the monkey?!

LOVE the vacuum-sealed monkey! Quality post for the designer of this one…

woot!, you’d probably sell more if the monkey was included

How does this compare to the other name brands?

Isn’t this some form of animal cruelty?

Hello sous vide!

Anyone know what vacuum bags are necessary for this and how much they usually cost?

I’m in for one.

Only for the monkey tho … someone’s gotta save him

But this only includes 3 bags??? Where do you get more and how much are they??

web site!

Any one know how many bags are included in the “starter kit”?

bags are hard to wash, and expensive. tupperware is easier

game, set, match

monkey had too much basil