Rival Vacuum Sealer

what good is the marinator gonna do me now?

Someone save the monkey!

Can this be used to marinate monkeys?

Noo! Monte!!!
Mortimer finally killed him! :frowning:

Only four bags? That’s kind of short lived…


im sure no monkeys were harmed in the making of this woot

this sucks…

No monkey - no purchase.

Poor monkey…fresh monkey!

I love me some basil.

Rival carbonite sealer!

I want the monkey

bought this last time…works great!

That thing sucks. Really.

If it doesn’t come with a suffocated monkey, I’ll pass…

A friend bought one of these and loves it. We’re fatties who never have leftovers at our house, though.

but, but, but, I want the monkey

Oh the humanity…err monkey-manity!