Rival Vacuum Sealer

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Rival Vacuum Sealer
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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sucks to be that monkey

Won’t you guys just leave that poor monkey alone.

Hasn’t he been through enough?

I want the monkey

But it’s the hermetically sealed monkey that I really want!

oops - gone already.

where can we get the monkey?

perfect for sneaking large quantities of marijuana through the airport

I bought this at sellout woot in January and love it. I use it several times a week, along with the make-your-own-bag rolls I purchased at Walmart.
I didn’t have any luck using it with ziploc bags (even premium ones); they will seal, but won’t vacuum the air out.
That’s OK though, the rolls are very inexpensive since you can make just the size you need.

While I won’t be buying one (I own a seal-a-meal) this is possibly one of the best investments you can me for a kitchen. Buy in bulk, split it out and vaccum the sucker. Freezer or back pantry. you save SO much money it’s not even funny.

[edit] crap, it took me longer to type that out then for this item to sell out o_O

Wha? did they only have like 2?!?!?!

I would so buy this if money included

The only way I’d buy that us if they DID include that monkey!

What?! did they only have like three of them or something?!!?!

I tried to get one. I failed.

Damn you!!! Finally something worth buying and I get pulled into a meeting during this. I seriously need to block off my calendar during woot offs!

I bought one in April on sellout woot.com
Mine failed, and I called today to their toll free number. They are going to send me a newer model, since this one is obsolete, no longer being made, etc. etc.

If you are dishonest, you could likely get yourself one for free, by calling them, and saying that yours no longer seals.

That is exactly what happened to me. Then my husband discovered the little prong that starts it was broke - he put a plastic sleeve around it and it works fine - so if you buy one watch out it may break but is easily fixable.

What a POS. I used this once after purchase and put it away intending to use it this summer / fall for garden veggies. We pulled it back out of the box and it is dead. Nothing on it works anymore. Called Rival who told us that it is unfortunate, but they are unwilling to repair or replace, so we are left with a paperweight. I will NEVER purchase another Rival product again.