River Cottage Gardens Furniture

Is the color listed for this…??..am I missing something…??

Can someone check the measurements for the “River Cottage Gardens IVNY5102 Plastic Wicker Georgia Rectangular Table”?
•150-inch x 90-inch x 75-inch…
That a big friggin’ table

Wish there were chairs with the table.

The sofa must be for Paul Bunyan–or the dimensions are wrong on this too:

134-inch x 71-inch x 71-inch

Is this actual wicker, or the resin wicker? Like the plastic/composite wicker.

Anyone know the name of the cushion color? The matching chairs can be found here on amazon. But the color looks completely different. What is the true color?


Thinking this is the actual color.


I sit on things with my butt.

Acacia Table

Found it on Amazon. There is a leaf apparently, which explains the weirdly listed dimensions.

Anyone know of a good way to figure out if ones chairs will work with any particular table height ?

Thanks !

Does anyone know the dimensions of the Teak table in the box. I want to know if I can fit in my mini van

When you click through to the sales page, we SHOULD have the info! If you mean the sort of oval table, we have it listed as: 59.06-inch x 78.74-inch x 35.43-inch x 29.53-inch