Riverbench Winery Estate Pinot Noir - 4 Pack

uh oh… two wines in a row… I’m in trouble if it keeps up at this rate…

so wine.woot got themselves a roomba and hooked it up to my wallet…

This woot-off is officially killing me. I bought two of these last time and ever since then I put it on the list of ‘will insta-buy the second it shows up on a woot-off’

And of course it happens after spending waaaay too much money on wine the last two weeks!

I gave in. EVERYBODY gets wine this Christmas. Even the preschoolers.

This looks good but I’m going to pass. Glad I don’t know what I’m missing.

I’m not a preschooler but if I send you my address, will you send me some wine for Christmas? :slight_smile:

Separate random question…

How the heck do I get some different avatars for the forum. I have had the same 5 different options for avatars forever…

Hee! I may need to buy a lot more … :stuck_out_tongue:

love the comments of the people passing.

Thanks for sharing.

CT link

Previous Woot

Riverbench website

2007 Estate Pinot Noir

Riverbench on Yelp

Bought this last time around though it was two bottles of '06 and two bottles of '07. There was mixed reviews, though I loved both. The '06 was better than the '07. Most suggested giving the '07 some time. Definitely buying again.

How is this stuff? I need more pinot but theres good pinot and bad pinot out there in this price range. Anyone had this?>

I’m starting a campaign for a “case of crap” or “6 pack of crap” similar to the woot, “bag of crap”. Please help!

Once again, someone trifles with the Woot gods by questioning their assignment of avatars. If you are smart you will retract your question and vow to dress up as your assigned avatar on Halloween (if not everyday).

I ratted the 2006 when this offering was 2 2007s and 2 2006s last winter I believe. I have since consumed a bottle of the 2007 and feel that this would be a good Thanksgiving wine, particularly if you are feeding a lot of people and will be going through several bottles of wine.

This was not the best Pinot I’ve ever had, not by a long shot, but at this price point, it is a value and is very tasty.

Whew…saved this time. Still have the original four in storage.

I either have to enroll in compulsive shoppers anonymous, or start drinking more wine. In for one. Damn it.

I am calling on the spirit of Kent Rasmussen to enter this realm and lead us to Pinot point.

Considering how freezing it is outside now, I say time for port!

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