Riverbench Winery Estate Pinot Noir - 4 Pack

Riverbench Winery Estate Pinot Noir - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
4 2007 Riverbench Estate Pinot Noir

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Crap, really enjoyed this last time it was up. Two cases of wine pending delivery…hrm

Absolutely!! I just had my last bottle from the last offering. From what I remember, it was very smooth, a teeny bit fruit forward at the start and a wonderful finish. Every person I have ever had try this said that they really enjoyed it.

Most definitely in for this one!!

I feel your pain-am in the same situation

{fingers in ears}I’m not listening :tongue:

whew, I’m safe… I really don’t like Pinot!!

Thesee were a bit too fruity for my taste. Not bad but not love <3. I like my pinots to have a bit of earthy funk to them. Might be a nice summer sipper for some tho.

Interesting! Looks like a good QPR for a big-style CA PN. Not for purists, with candied strawberry and some alcohol when first opened, accordding to the wooters on CT.

Still reading the last time out reviews. Note this is the 07 only, which is likely to be MUCH better, but you can cellar it longer

I liked these quite a bit, unfortunately I don’t have any written notes.
I am going to pass due to too much wine on hand and in transit.

Bummed though, because I was hoping to eventually get some more of this.

Wish I could be in on this, but with that Gazzi case as well as a ton of Oregon juice I recently procured I have way way too much pinot… Hoping for some good everyday cabs soon.

Interesting - I didn’t think that was as true of the '07s.

I thought the '06 bottles were definitely less interesting - more fruit straight off, and not much earth. These are the '07 vintage though, and I found them to have a nice balance of earthy funk, acidity, and light fruit.
It seems a steal at $15 a bottle…

In for three.

I had some mixed experiences with this wine - when it’s good, it’s very, very good and when it’s bad it’s awful!

I’ve had a couple of bottles I’ve absolutely loved and then a couple that were really unpleasant. They didn’t taste corked, exactly, just off, almost sour. So now I have several bottles in my basement that I’m a little scared to open!

Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s a consistency issue or an external shipping one - I’d only had (and loved) one bottle when I ordered more and I didn’t store them separately after they arrived.

Riverbench is always go for me.
Gladly in.


Interesting. You mean all light candied strawberry? How much did it “taste of pinot”? Have that tart cherry taste? Did it have a godo full body, or a little thinnish?

Also tccsharp and others who had this… ? :slight_smile: thank you for your feedback so far though!

Hmm…y’all are scaring me. If this truly is fruity, which I know is off-putting to some, this is terrific news to me. I tend to like the more fruit-forward Pinots (think Laetitia, Meiomi, Belle Glos) without the earthy funk. But then some say it is earthy. Help, it’s a woot-off! Input please! (and be gentle :slight_smile:

ummm, ok. not my style.

I’m trying to get a hold of it… reading the last time reviews (remembering that this is jus the 07, not both 07 and 06 as last time). 07 was a great year in CA for PN, so the PNs will be more complex than 06.

I’m wondering if a taste of alcohol will get in the way of this!

I think it is higher alc… but it may be interesting enough to try! I’d love your opinion on reading between the lines of the forums from the last wooting… oplease DON;T take that comment I just made as gospel… I’m still trying to work it out.

I think this isn’t an rpm wine, but it may be fun enough to drink, if there isn’t noticeeable alcohol. 14.3% is ok in absolute terms, even if not low.

EDIT, some complained of high alc. But here’s the rat report