Riverbench Winery Estate Pinot Noir - Four Pack

Riverbench Winery Estate Pinot Noir - Four Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
4 2007 Riverbench Estate Pinot Noir
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Previous offer forum (1/4/10)

WOO HOO…In for 1

Got this the last time and it’s was incredible

Man am I glad/angry I set a $50 limit today… grr…

wait, is it 4 of the 2007’s this time?

Looks like this is for 4 2007 not two and two

still no shipment to CT? Too bad


From the previous offering thread:

Then I don’t care about my limit, I can’t have it anyway.

Was the 2007 lighter than the 2006? Would a year or two in the cellar be a good thing? I’m not a big Pinot drinker but a friend has asked me to find some for her. I’m trying to sort out the comments from the last offering.

Went in for one, just for kicks. Thanks w00t

half happy and half sad that they won’t deliver to WV. Saved myself $65 but these looked nice!

Close reaching my 1 day woot-off limit here, but Pinot Noirs are rare enough on here that I had to get in for 1.

I opened a bottle of each of the 2006 and 2007 a month or so ago, and have to say that I definitely prefered the style of the 2006. It was much lighter-bodied with decent acid, cherry/strawberry on the palate and nice earthiness on the nose. I don’t know if I just had a bad bottle of the 2007, but it tasted more like a syrah or zin, much more extracted, with stewed black fruit on the nose and was almost syrupy. Reminded me a little of the FemKnight InZinerator, which is fine for that style of wine, but not what I’d expect from a pinot. But I’ve only tried one of the two bottles and maybe the other is better…

wasn’t the 2x 2006 + 2x 2007 sold before for same price… and seeing how 2006 vintage seems to be the more expensive of the two, this translates to a lesser of a deal than the previous woot…

Foxen, who is pretty much right next door to Riverbench (est. 2004), uses some of the grapes from the Riverbench Vineyard (est. 1973). Foxen is one of my girlfriend’s favorite wineries. In the movie Sideways, they drive right by Foxen, and probably Riverbench Vineyard.

These are terrific Pinots. Don’t miss this one if you are a Pinot fan.

If I weren’t completely nude right now I’d be in for 2. Guess I’m in for one.

count me in for 1