Riverbench Winery Estate Pinot Noir - Four Pack


Lurve that SBCo. Pinot! :smiley:

I cracked two bottles from the last offering maybe a month ago, and in my humble opinion both of these are up there with the best pinots that have been offered here.

2006 was definitely the better balanced of the two, but I thought the '07 had a nice crack of acidity to it, which made it a little more prominent (better?) with food.

Compared to the Rasmussen Carneros Pinot that was on offer, I found this to be a more assertive wine.

This makes me want to run home and try the 2007. Loved the 2006 but we still have 3 bottles left from the last time this was offered. Need someone in the office to split this with me…

The 2006 is a better wine now. The '07 will be a much better wine with another year or two in the bottle. It will also last for six to eight years longer than the '06. The '07 should peak in 2013-15.

The best price for this wine is $18 and that’s both vintages, but with shipping the price jumps to slightly more than $21. I purchased two at $125, best possible deal for eight bottles is $173.

This is a quality Pinot with some great structure, nice fruit to tannin balance, an extremely long finish with notes of tobacco and a slight smokiness in the back of the mouth.

Try this with roasted salmon, poultry, game, veal, lamb (Easter) and a lighter (meaning sauced) style beef tenderloin. An amazing Pinot and better, in my opinion, than their Mesa Reserve at $50.

I loved the 2006 and I haven’t touched the 2007s since it was recommended they sit for a while. I would jump on this since I love pinot, but not having tried the 2007, not sure if I need four more to join the two I already have.

Now, can we get some Roessler please?

Thanks in advance.

Totally agree. I liked the 2006 much better and would’ve bought again had it been the 2006.

I really liked both vintages!! Have to watch my funds and drink down my stock so I only ordered one.

order status is stuck on ‘should just be a bit now…’
same on a woot order. what the hay?

$16.25 a bottle is better than $25 a bottle, if only it was 2 instead of 4 I’d be in. I gotta watch it!

Jumping in for one but the order is stuck. Please go through!

oh i want one but my order stuck. do i need to reorder?

I’m trying to order, but nothing happens when I hit the yellow button. Something’s not working…

Ordered this last time, when it was two 2006’s and two 2007’s. I’ve tried a bottle of each. I thought the 2006 was much better–bolder, deeper, more complex, and a little sweeter. I bet the 2007 will be just as good if I let it sit for another year. I’ve been really happy with this winery–interesting, good stuff.

Whew, the order for 3 went through.
You can’t beat this deal: case of 2007 Calif PN @ less than $16/bottle.

My order got stuck as well. It appears that the ordering process is borked. Hey, guys. Wake up!!! Go kick the server a few times and get the hamsters moving. We want our vino.

My purchases have now exceeded my consumption for an extended period of time, and my cooler looks like my uncle’s slacks after Thanksgiving.

Anyone have any good ideas (or sites with them) for converting one of those first floor, halfway under the stairs closets into a wine cellar?

That’s probably the simplest space I can annex and not have my fiance remove my wine loving tongue.

I give up!!! I guess there’ll be no PN for me. This site is just not cooperating!!

I have been considering this too, but I’m concerned that I can’t keep it cool enough during the summer. :-/

Anyone know if there has been any woot wine for sale yet? I have been trying to keep track of this but I only can to a certain extent.

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