Iron Giant’s Vegas Vacation.

Very nice EC, congrats, Radiomode!

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I guess all those who complained about the lack of “artistic” shirts can shut up now

Nice one

An excellent way to start off the editor’s choice picks. It has a great use of black with splashes of color for effect.

You rarely see multiple design textures working this well together and looking this amazing. Very, very well done. Congrats, Radiomode!

Not my favorite robot piece, but definitely one of the prettier pieces from that derby. It looks as if it had walked amidst a fireworks display in the city skyline.

I don’t get it. ._.

Breathtaking moment stolen from someone’s epic adventure…and gorgeous.

Any one watch the 1980s movie with Borgnine called Black Hole. if you haven’t, you must watch it to know where this shirt comes from

The subtle details on this one give it an amazing sense of scale.

I like how the robot’s not actually doing anything destructive. It’s just standing there being ominous and probably scaring all the citizens.

Okay, that write-up is just fantastic in my book.

I prefer to think of those fireworks as the flames and ash rising from the smoldering embers of the city the robot just destroyed.

I’m a sucker for giant robots Woot! 3 of my last 4 purchases in fact… :expressionless:

Interesting pick, editors… I’m getting a nice Northern Lights feel from this one.

I love the way that the robot is created using the negative space of the other colors.

Awesome work Radiomode!

Never mind the fact that it’s on Navy :stuck_out_tongue:

Woooo the Editor’s choices have started with an oppressive robot overlord… I guess this is woot’s way of making sure we know our place. “You will listen to our bots.”

Oh! I forgot about editors’ choices! What a pleasant surprise. Looks like woot will be getting $10 from me tonight! :slight_smile:

The background kinda looks like Texas…kinda

Also kinda appropriate as that robot has a “bigger than Texas” feel as well


Some one make a compelling case as to why I shouldn’t get this shirt. The more I look at the more I think about hitting the “I want one button”…