Road Closed*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed the shirt? Click here to get more after June 12th!

Sigh…still waiting for wearable shirts. Yes, its funny…but…not something I’d wear.

A little too pink for me… where are the tutus?


Pink and grey are kinda cool together, though. I do like the art at least.

Saving to see what’s in the derby this weekend.

I don’t like the gorillas mouth, It just dose not look right.

Certainly a good reason to close roads…not bad for a shirt either. I’m interested woot!

it would almost be okay if there was any proportion going on there. i could lift a tank that @@@

Translation please.

Freakin’ awesome indeed.

In for 1.

This shirt is racist, like killer bees. I know this because I have no concept of reality.

i cant wait for the “my 37 uncles died in WWII so i think this shirt is racist” brigade to start up.

Congrats Leon!

So…yeah. Always happy to see that someone thinks up weirder crap than myself.

why do i wanna say starwars?

Oh god, Adder, you made me burst out laughing. I’m doomed.

pretty funny design. These shirts have been good recently, that is, if they weren’t going to be worn as shirts ><

I need to refulfill my desire to purchase shirts.woot. Want to buy something wear-worth, not cartoons, regardless of how cute, funny, or clever…

You callin’ me fat? I’ll have you know, I bought a small!

its obvious the Midi-chlorians count is high in the octopus. anyone could tell that…

I need to send the link to this shirt to my best friend from college. She had a pink Nash Rambler, a true classic car. We drove that thing into the ground and it was named The Pink Pud, no kidding. She will love this shirt.