Road Trip!

Do Garmin lifetime maps include Europe/UK/etc as well as the American? Taking a trip to Scotland, Croatia, Slovenia, and maybe elsewhere in May…

You can double check the Garmin site but I believe the European maps are purchased separately.

Got the Escort/Passport last time it was offered 6/13 ($169.99). In flatter terrain, I’ve picked up Ka and X bands 1.5 miles away and around 3 bends. It’s paid for itself x 10.

kinda odd with with Dog Creek punched in on the screen … Thats just outside of my home town and theres nothing really there.

There’s a bluetooth version of the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT, anyone know if it’s an adapter you can stick on, or if it’s just built into the unit? This one does not have bluetooth listed, so I’m assuming it’s a non-bluetooth variant, correct?


I didn’t get the Escord/Passport for 169.99 but in flatter terrain I don’t go more than 9 mph above the speed limit… since I haven’t gotten a ticket it’s paid for itself xinfinity?

Well that’s because you “just drive a car”, while Umzy surely “enjoys driving his car.”

If you don’t have one of these, how are you able to spot a po-po when you are in need of assistance by one? That’s what these units are for.

How is the 40LM better than the nüvi® 265WT that I occasionally use now?

Bought two 2555LMTs and received them today. One looks like new. Second has bad scratches/scuffs on screen. Have contact support…

Followup on my previous post and warning to future Wooters.

Contacted Garmin about the damaged screen, but they refuse to help by quoting that their warranty doesn’t cover physical damage. Guess maybe they shouldn’t sell damaged merchandise if their warranty doesn’t cover damage. Won’t ever buy Garmin refurbished again.

Will work with Woot to get refund.

As if Gamin’s prior antics weren’t enough, I emailed them back to express my dissatisfaction with their reply.

This time, they said that the unit wasn’t even refurbished by them (despite the Garmin “refurbished” box) and declared that Woot isn’t even one of the select outlets that they permit to sell their refurbs.

Jeez, I’m really sorry. Please keep us updated on how things work out with Woot Support.

Thanks. Support gave me an RMA, and I shipped the unit back (no replacements). Shame because I really like the GPS.

Feel sorry for anyone who needs warranty service from Garmin. Really question whether they’ll honor the warranty.