Roadhawk 1080P FHD Dash Cam with GPS

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Roadhawk 1080P FHD Dash Cam with GPS
Price: $149.99
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Oh, I like that it has a gunsight. Unless you drive a Mercedes, you need one of these.

No display to see on it? How do you know if you aim it right?

I was gonna say the same thing. I think it might have an incredibly wide & tall viewing angle, so a display isn’t necessarily necessary. Anyone used one of these?

With “an incredibly wide & tall viewing angle” you might see much of the hood and less of the road. It writes “127 Degrees Wide Angle Lens”. That is not much at all compared with other systems.

$155 to see that you can not see? No, thank you. I prefer to see $150.
In my pocket.

No suction cup? It’s held up by… some kind of 3M sticky-stuff? I’ve had many things I’ve tried to adhere to my dash with 3M sticky-stuff. None of them held for more than two days, or above 80°F.

lots of competition at a fraction of the price. nothing i see here makes me want to spend that much money on this.

For that price I was hoping for a dual front and rear camera.
I have yet to see one of those on here recently.

I have a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and I do not follow this comment.

My S-class had a gunsight, but my M-class doesn’t. Seems they’ve gotten away from this feature.

Historically Mercedes Benzs came with reticles sticking up from the hood for more precise pedestrian eradication. Lately, however, the reticle comes lain flat and is difficult to deploy without damaging the paint. Although the advantage to this arrangement is that the pedestrians no longer get caught up in the protruding reticle, making cleanup a bit easier. It’s all personal preference I suppose.

I was interested in this until I saw the enormous power adapter. That won’t fit in my center console with it closed, nor does this take a normal micro or mini-USB for power, making it less attractive.

Those complaining about the $150+ pricetag must have missed the GPS integration. The majority of Dashcams under this price point don’t come with GPS; they may be able to be outfitted with it later at a cost, but they don’t typically come with it already installed.

Jesus Christ Woot; who is in charge on purchases and pricing that they truly thought to offer this on here?

The product is overpriced for what it is. There are PLENTY of GPS enabled dash cams for under $100 WITH a display which this unit does not have.

Here are plenty of examples:

Uniden Dash Cam HD Automotive Video Recorder with GPS ($68 free shipping amazon)

Binmer™2.7’’ 1080P Car DVR Camera Video Recorder Dash Cam G-Sensor GPS Dual Len Camera ($50 free shipping amazon)

This device has entirely too much competition at much better price points. This may have been a good produce 10 years ago at this price, but not by today’s standards.

I use the same 3M adhesive for my GoPro with no troubles. This works well on glass, on the dash probably not as much. It appears to include a standard 1/4 in camera thread mount so many alternate mounting solutions would be available. The 5m power cord seems a bit limiting. I use a 10m to run wires hidden from my mirror to the center console power source.

Not compatible with Win10?

Download the manual here:

The Uniden has GPS built in, the Binmer has support for an add on GPS module. Some of the reviews for the Uniden say the GPS doesn’t work.

Bravo, Woot! for putting up a product we haven’t seen yet. It seems obvious from the comments that this one won’t be a rock star for sales, but you see there is interest, so let’s get a good one out here for the rest of us!

In for the next one!