Roadhouse Winery – Three Pack

Roadhouse Winery – Three Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2008 Dry Creek Valley Grenache
1 2008 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
1 2008 Russian River Valley Zinfandel
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2008 Dry Creek Valley Grenache
2008 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
2008 Russian River Valley Zinfandel

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“Reowd house.” Peter Griffin™

Why are the labels in different places on the bottles?

Roadhouse is good for pinot noir. Anyone know if their zin as good?

This was bottled in March 2010 is this enough time in the bottle?


This is their updated Facebook page

Isn’t it very unusual for wines to be released for sale on the same day they’re bottled? In my experience it seems that wineries sit on bottles a good while before the wine maker deems them ready for sale.

I’d love to know the source of these grapes, the Appellation is just a very broad location and there’s very little other information compared to recent woot’s where it’s been a single vineyard offering.

Edit: Cleared post since reading up on available information gave me more insight

Edit 2: Re-added since I didn’t realize it had hit the list at the top of the thread and I still would like an answer to this if there is one since it is good information for any buyer

Are these three 100% varietals? The Woot descriptions are not explicit.

Oh! Eric#1 came from Papapietro Perry! No wonder he makes good Pinot Noir! PPP’s 777 is the first wine I’ve considered a “perfect” 100. The Russian River Zins are okay, but I really prefer the cheap cheap zins from Lodi. Zin likes its heat, but Russian River is known for its cool ocean breezes.

If I woot this deal can I get ratted with and/or trade these for some Road House Pinot Noir? :wink:

Yes they are… Both: writeup is clear, and single varietals here. Not blends.

Here’s the price breakdown btw, list prices are from the winery website

2008 Dry Creek Valley Grenache - $29

2008 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel - $29

2008 Russian River Valley Zinfandel - $29

Total retail: $87
Woot Price: $44.99

Savings: $42.01 (48.287%)

As usual my price comparison doesn’t include shipping since it usually varies by state for the producer and is always $5 for woot.

Hopefully they’ll do a good rat pool on this one and the reports will come in early since at least for me the decision to purchase / not purchase will probably depend on it, especially with such a short time after being bottled.

50 cases of the Grenach were made. That’s 600 bottles. Woot could be selling the majority of the output of this wine.


Interesting, only 50 cases for one and 100 for others? What does that say about the wines/process? What drinking window would one estimate for these?

I’m in for one. More variety = good for my future wine cellar. Would be happy to be ratted for the first time!

For my quixotic quest for the century 100% varietals, I’m in for one for the grenache.

Very young wines.

But I like how this winery is tied to both Roessler and Papapietro Perry. That’s some pedigree. Maybe I can hope for some Pinot on the Wed. offer.

Maybe my Google-fu is broken, but I can’t find a SINGLE review for any of these online.

I like these varietals, but I’m going to need some serious rat input before I buy, or else some reviews found by superior searchers.

Some wine math trivia: If I recall right, a standard “barrel” yields about 25-26 cases of wine. So for this offering, the Grenache looks like 2 barrel’s worth, and the Zinfandels would be 4 barrels.

But if that’s true, how does the Grenache end up at: Oak: 100% French 15% New? If it’s only 2 barrels (one old and one new?) I don’t see how you could get 15%.

Similarly, if it’s 4 barrels of zin, how do you get to 100% French Oak 33% New?

Or possibly there were more barrels involved, and some of the juice got bottled as these pure varietals, and some went elsewhere to be blended into some other label?