Roar One

Great job, Walmazan!

Great to see the Star Cats series continue!

Aw… You’re happy to see ANY cat shirt print, Narfcake. lol :slight_smile:

Nice job on the print, Walmazan! :smiley:

I plead the furr! Er, I mean the fifth!

(2/3rds of my last load of laundry were not catshirts.)

Bought and sold!

I’m leaving for Disney World today and I made sure to bring both of my beloved Star Cats shirts. :smiley:

This shirt couldn’t not exist.

Walmazan on a roll. :slight_smile:

Please tell me I didn’t miss the “Return of the Jedi” version.

Can we be done with the whole cat thing, please? They’re cute and furry, and they purr, I get it. Isn’t there anyone making T-shirts out there that doesn’t follow the “replace-humans-with-cats-and-make-a-witty-pun” formula any more?



Shirt.woot is over 90% cat free. If anything, it’s disproportionately low since cats are really really popular and make up a healthy portion of internet traffic.

You haven’t. In due time, though, I hope!

[ETA: Added some references.]

What about: “Prrratom Menace”, “Clawn Wars”, “Revenge of the Sphinx”?
Or are we just pretending that they never happened?

Pretending what never happened?


The Star Wars prequels

Hi, first time user to this site. I am interested in your cat shirt for American Apparel but I’m not entirely sure about the shrinkage the shirt may have. Can someone please provide insight on this? If I am usually a Men’s small, should I be ordering a medium so it survives in the dryer? Thanks!

Welcome! Cat shirts are a specialty here, so stick around! =^.^=

I usually line dry my shirts (for zero energy costs), but when I’m super lazy or it’s a “do not care” shirt, it goes in the dryer. My experience is that AA shirts shrink about an inch in length; width stays about the same. Your machines may vary, of course.

For comparison, the standard Anvil shirts shrink a lot more; refer to this post for pics.

In any case, do pay attention to the sizing charts!