Roaring Brook Dairy Cheese Kits

Is a goat required to make goat cheese? (The other kits tell us what is needed to make the product. No mention of what is needed to make goat cheese, which is my favorite.)

I believe that to make goat cheese, you don’t need a goat, you just need goat milk.

A query on your favorite search engine (try for a search that doesn’t track and advertise to you) such as “where can I buy goat milk for cheese?” will prove enlightening.

Directions unclear. Bought goat.

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‘With this kit you’ll get that “living on the farm” feeling…’

Uhhh…except farm kids are smart enough to know you don’t need to pay $47 for a few dollars’ worth of rennet tablets, citric acid and a bit of seasoning/herbs!

Better idea: find a recipe online, then go to your local food co-op to get the ingredients. Even buying the cream or goat’s milk, you’ll spend less than $47…