Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit
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PRODUCT: 1 Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

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$18.50 at Amazon

Haha love the description on this, though I do love me some provel!

just to clarify: even though all the wine shipping information is still showing in the listing, this can be shipped to any state since it isn’t alcohol, right?

Can you use homogenized milk? Because it’s awful hard to get the unhomogenized stuff and I thought you needed that to make cheese.

Pass—$18.50 on Amazon with free prime shipping. Yawn. . . .

question is… will it actually turn out like the pros make it if we follow the instructions “to a T”?

i.e., should we expect curds or turds?


If you have amazon Prime then it’s even cheaper there and has 2 day shipping…

Edit: Sorry, joeyoke was faster

So, supposing I make my four pounds of cheese and find that I want to make more, what are my options? Do I have to buy another kit? It would seem that the limiting reagents in the kit are just things like citric acid, rennet… as the thermometer and the instruction manual are unlikely to wear out.

Can one just purchase rennet and citric acid wholesale?

If you got the cheesemaking urge:

As for me, my water buffalo died the other day so I’ll have to pass as cow milk mozzarella is just not worth the effort.

What type of rennet is included? Calf?

I’ve been wanting to make mozzarella cheese ever since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle! by Barbara Kingsolver. Great book!

$15.73 with Subscribe and Save.

Thanks for catching this.

And here’s a link to instructions…

Why buy the kit?

This might be the greatest cheese video ever

As a proud St. Louisan who is stuck in Texas (and typing this while proudly wearing my Cardinals shirt) I would buy a provel-making kit immediately. How dare you tease me with just the mention of provel…

As yet another St. Louisan, I too thought the hate of provel cheese is blasphemy in the description. Who can hate the buttery texture of its processed greatness? Only Imo’s uses it best (though that is truly another argument).

Yeah, but you’ve got to sign up for prime, which isn’t free. There is a free trial, however, and I supposed you can try to cancel, before you get auto-billed, but how many times do people still get billed, anyway? I’m sure they’re got some safe guards against people abusing the system.

In for one!