Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit
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PRODUCT: 1 Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit


It has good reviews at Amazon, and is probably worth buying if you want to try making cheese.

I missed the cheese yesterday, so I decided to grab this and make my own.

Bought one about 6 months ago. Wife tried to make it but it didn’t turn out. Ended up tossing the whole thing.

I might be in for it if it wasn’t for the rennet and a vegetarian significant other.

Booooooo once again :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t see how one can properly make mozzarella in “one hour.” Even for soft cheese, doesn’t it need time to set?

I cant decide whether or not to try this product. Could be horrible…or fantastic.

Yeah it is tricky getting all the liquid (whey) out of the way :slight_smile:

I bought this some time ago on wine.woot and made it for the first time two weeks ago. Makes four batches per container in theory. You have a rennit tablet that you have to break into 4 parts. I just cut mine into two.

Wasn’t really hard but it is a bit confusing of how much liquid to make sure you get out (a lot!) and how much to heat it up via microwaving it slowly to kneed it (more than I expected). Cheese turned out good.

Was a good introduction to making my own cheese and I will be being my own ingrediants on the internet to make some more some time.

Come on, Woot! When you factor in shipping, the price is lower on Amazon. I’ve been waiting to try this out, but I guess I’ll just buy it over there. And a woot-off, no less…

I think it took me about two hours. Basically you heat up a gallon of milk to about 135°F (about 20-30 minutes if the milk is cold). Then you put in a bit of citric acid powder … wait 5-10 minutes … add the rennet … wait 5 - 10 minutes … let it set for about 10-15 minutes for the curds and whey to separate. Scoop out the curds into a colander and drain and press out as much of the whey as you can. Need to be REAL gentle not to turn the curds into tiny lumps. When all the whey is out, you heat up the curds in a microwave (heat two or three times at 35 seconds each). Then you add some salt and kneed the cheese into the right shape.

So that is around an hour I guess. Definitely would be once you did a batch or two I guess.

Kit comes with everything … citric acid … rennet … thermometer … rubber gloves. All you need to supply is the gallon of milk. Has enough to make four batches but I couldn’t split the rennet tablet that small.

I bought this during the last woot off, we made it a couple weeks ago and thought it came out really well. It was similar to a store-brand block of mozzarella from the dairy isle rather than the mozzarella balls in the gourmet cheese section. We followed the directions exactly but my wife thinks through trial and error we could make it come out softer and would add some salt for taste.

After we threw out all the whey we found out that you can made Ricotta cheese so you actually get 8 batches from one container (4-Moz and 4-Ricotta).