Robbie Lee's Birthday Tees

Well these are fun.

That’s a nice looking cat. You can’t go wrong with cats.

No foxes, aww woot, come on! Even foxes have birthdays. ; ) (mine was last month)

I can’t choose between robot and unicorn.

Thanks! The original idea here is to have a shirt for someone to wear on their birthday. I’m going to go with the robot one, I think, but my fave is the ninja.

happy birthday

Haha - I may have to get my brother-in-law the ninja one and make him wear it on his birthday! So much evil fun potential!

Absolutely LOVE the manic-cake-eating unicorn! My fiance’s birthday is this month, so these shirts are peeeerfect timing! I had to somewhat slyly ask him what he would prefer between a killer robot (my 2nd fave), a fat lazy-ass cat, a manic unicorn, & a deadly ninja… and I tried to convince him to choose my preferences; sadly, as he wasn’t even aware of what he was choosing, aaaand seeing as the ninja theme really is more his bag… I ended up buying the pinata slayer. All-in-all, AWESOME shirts! Wish they’d come around on MY birthday!
ps, Happy 10th Woot!

It’s hard not to go with the robot one ; )

GOOMHW!!! (Get outta my head, Woot)

Seriously though. This is just in time for my birthday! They’ll even ship here two days before :open_mouth:

Edit: ooops. I read “these ship on the 18th” as “these arrive on the 18th” xD

Dear Woot,

All I want for my birthday (August 17th) is the Robot Birthday shirt. I’ve been really good this year, except for the 40 minute window of time that I considered buying the shirt without realizing the clock was ticking on the event. I promise I’ll try harder to notice things in the future. But please add the design to all designs and take my money.

Your best friend, Berlybraebble