Robelle Pool Covers & Accesories

This is giving me awful flashbacks to my teenage years. When I was in college my parents finally upgraded to one of the covers that used anchor points rather than water bags. Putting the cover on the pool went from an all-day process to an hour or less. Taking the cover off was much quicker, too, though my dad still had us spend hours drying the cover (and killing the lawn.) It took a long, long time to get all the leaf crap from the bottom of the pool, since the cover let it in, but it was still better than dealing with slimy water bags.

If you are still using bags, this looks like a good deal, I’d think. But, move away from water bags if you can!

Looks like the same price on with twice as long of a warranty. Here’s an example of the "Supreme* round -

“Accesories” eh?

Let me guess - you leave off the 2nd ‘s’ for Savings!

S’s use up so many pixels, you know.

I didn’t know people have above ground pools today. 30 years ago we used to buy these covers for our free-form in-ground pool. When we refurbished it entirely we got the trampoline style cover. It was the best thing we ever did. Neat looking, air bags don’t pop in middle of the winter and you get a % off your homeowners. Save your pennies and get 1. Ours ran $2400 installed for a huge free-form pool 10 years ago. Otherwise, we would go through a cover a year. They don’t hold up and are eyesores.

I want to buy one of these tarps for a whole different purpose. I have a canopy in our yard and need another tarp for going over the top.
The specs on the platinum and or supreme say 5 foot extra material included… So is it say to say , if i order the cover to fit a pool 16 x 32, Would the actual size i receive be 21 x 37??? Also does anyone know the mil thickness of these covers? thnax in advance

do the winter chemical harm the vinyl on the above ground type of pools?

sure they do. but most of the people that have them are working class.

Or people with kids who know that while a pool is great for the short term, the return on investment is one of the worst in home improvements. Like me!

some housing plans only allow above ground pools, as they are considered temporary structures.