Robelle Pool Impoolvment

Dear Woot! staff:
Has anyone there ever heard of Google, or eBay?

You can get all these covers, in 12 mil (and occasionally 16 mil), versus the thinner 8 mil you are offering, for the same price every day of the week on eBay. Or you can get these 8 mil covers for less.

For anyone actually looking to buy one - these work great. They have a max lifespan of about 2 years, then they start to break down and fill your pool with “blue contact lenses”.

Larger ones can be hard to manage as the bubbled surface tends to have a lot of water cling to it. Unless you have a “cover roller” there’s no real graceful way you move or store these things, so get used to seeing it folded up on your deck at the end of your pool, or having a wrestling match with it every time you move it to wherever you can fit it “out of sight”.

But they definitely work - raised my pool at least 15 degrees. And they really really cut down on evaporation.

Initially I tried to keep a 15x30 on my “sorta 16x32” kidney-shaped pool. I ended up simply cutting it to fit and letting it float on the surface - worked just as well.

+1 on the bad pricing. Doheny’s has a 4 pack of the 12,000 gallon solar balls for $36.00 - $9/each VS $14.

This is the hero that woot deserves! Making the hard calls.

I am sure TT and others have a love/hate thing for me. :slight_smile: