Robert Nenow Napa Valley Cab Sauvignon (3)

This is suppose to be good stuff. Very tempting…

Ordered this the last time it was on Woot. Really tasty stuff!

Very tempting indeed :(… But I’m broke, I got the Ardente though <3 <3. If anyone in the Las Vegas Nv area wants to sell one PM me, I’ll have money by then. :slight_smile:

I ordered it too. Wish I could comment on the wine, but according to the FedEx tracking, it was damaged en route and FedEx “is handling pursuant to the shipper’s instructions.” I still have hope it will turn out well. But until then, I ain’t going in for more.

Note that you will need to email service@wootdotcom to get a refund or replacement. They will not contact you first in the case of a damaged shipment, or so I’ve read.

Chip’s right- please email into We will automatically refund your purchase when we get it back damaged like that, but if you want a replacement please let us know!

got mine a week or so ago haven’t tried it yet

So get with it and let us know!

Earlier thread with reviews

Just tasted, ok juice, but too light for me.

Lighter than a normal cab?

thats NOT good. :frowning:


Did you get a chance to try this?

This cab is not light, just tasted it.

Delicious. Fear not.