Robes for Everyone!

The Boston robe is so unbelievably staticy, I’m talking electrocution here. Lightning shoots from the darn thing. Nothing I did fixed the problem and ultimately I threw it out, it was beautiful, heavy, soft and warm but totally unwearable.

The Pure Fabric Robe isn’t too bad. Mid-weight knit, perfect for traveling.
I’m a 5’11" woman. It hits me mid calf with the sleeves coming down mid forearm. I wear an 8 and the robe is huge, wrapping completely from side to side and then some.
Washes and dries well with no wrinkles and so far, no pilling.
The tie is attached to the center of the back which in the future will be a problem because it already stresses the fabric.
The only drawback with it being attached in the rear rather than held through loops at the side is sometimes when I have to make a call of nature and don’t have the robe tied, the ties end up dipping into the toilet because I forget they’re hanging behind me.
I purchased mine through the 'Zon for the same price, shipped free with my Prime membership.

These are pretty expensive slankets.

Robes that tie suck.
Give me a zipper plez.

Ugh, not for me. I don’t want to step into a robe (short zipper) and I don’t want a 5’ long zipper to connect at the bottom.